• Orthopedics

    Nobody has produced more orthopedic medical animations than Ghost Productions®. If you need to explain medicine that involves the musculoskeletal system, we are the company to choose.

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  • Character Animation

    Story-driven character animation by Ghost Productions® does so much more than explain medicine. It engages, it excites, and it empowers. Hire Ghost Productions® to passionately tell your story and make it unforgettable.

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  • Cardiology

    We are extremely experienced in heart anatomy and physiology. Take a look at our reel to see some of the latest advances in coronary treatment and technology.

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  • Pharmacology & Microbiology

    Nothing explains microbiology and pharmacology better than 3-D animation. Take a look at some of our method-of-action (MOA) animations to see how art, beauty, and science converge to create a cinematic experience.

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  • Urology & Gynecology

    Animating the soft tissues needed to explain urology, gynecology, and obstetrics requires the most advanced 3-D animation software and experienced animators in the field. Ghost Productions® has mastered the art and science of soft tissue animation.

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  • General Medicine

    Surgical devices, tools, anatomy, and physiology are explained faster and better than ever before using Ghost Productions® medical animation.

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  • Computer Rendered Medical Illustration

    3-D computer rendering has revolutionized the way that medical illustrations are created. The resulting images are more accurate and can be created in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional medical illustration

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  • Surgical Technique Manuals

    Whether or not you’ve created an animation with us, we can create your surgical manual with a tighter deadline, with greater quality, and with a lower budget than photography or traditional medical illustration.

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  • Print Advertising

    Our medical graphics have been used everywhere from the pages of brochures to the sides of city buses. No matter what the scale or specialty, Ghost Productions® can produce your image and make it remarkable.

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  • Interactive Development

    Ghost Productions® is pioneering the development of medical web deliverable interactive experiences. We continue to develop and support interactive media on physical media including flash-drives, CD-ROM, DVD, and high definition Blu-Ray authoring and duplication.

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  • Website Design

    Websites designed by Ghost Productions® are easily navigable, imaginatively innovative, and unmistakably original. Our programmers have mastered HTML 5 coding and media compression to bring your visitors the most dynamic web experience possible.

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  • iPhone, iPad, & Android Apps

    Nearly anything is possible when it comes to app development, and we are leading the way in bringing interactive presentations to the masses through tablets and smartphones.

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  • eLearning Development

    Ghost Productions® can develop fully interactive educational experiences with integrated learning management systems (LMS) comprehension testing with our eLearning services.

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Heal - Animated Trauma

2014 Orthopedic Demo Reel


Cardio Demo Reel

No invention has increased the quality of human life more than medicine and nothing explains medicine better than 3D medical animation. Ghost Productions® is a medical animation studio that delivers medically accurate and inspiring medical graphics, medical animations, and interactive eLearning content. Whether you need to market surgical devices, education patients, or explain a mechanism of action (MOA) for a pharmaceutical product, Ghost Productions® can produce it and deliver a product with the highest quality and most competitive prices in the medical industry. Our medical animation can deliver more information that is more easily understood in significantly less time that traditional surgical videos and our 3D anatomy and physiology simply cannot be beat. We offer immediate estimates on 3D medical animation and medical illustrations and can help you get started on your project today.

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