Bret Farley - 3D Team Lead

bret1What do I do?
I'm responsible for taking all the digital information and breathing life into it.

What's the coolest thing about Ghost?
Ghost is a unique studio. These people aren't just punching the clock; they are passionate about what they do, and they push each other to excel. It's their idea of fun, and I wholeheartedly support it.

My story:
I grew up sketching and making movies with whatever means I had available. In college I realized I could take classes in computer animation, which in a weird way combined my love of drawing and my passion for telling stories. I spent a year in Vancouver, BC, studying traditional animation and meeting the woman I would eventually marry. We had adventures in California before moving back to her native Minnesota, where I found a job at a local studio. Since then I've worked as an animator at various studios, spent a year in Washington DC, and done a ton of freelance work. I'm happy to have landed at Ghost.

Which artists have had the biggest impact on my work?
I love Milt Khal's animation because it has such a solid sense of form and weight. Bernini's sculptures are incredible, and they capture those perfect expressions that I always strive for as an animator.

If I weren't an animator, what would I be doing?
I have a passion for literature, so I would either be teaching (I came near to earning my teaching credential in English as an undergrad,) or working at a bookstore somewhere, stocking old books and writing in my loft at nights. I cannot write, but it doesn't matter.


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