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Orthopedic, Sports Medicine, Joint and Trauma Animation

Ghost Medical orthopedic and sports medicine 3D animations for joint replacements, orthopedic devices & musculoskeletal treatment.

Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Video Animation

A 3D orthopedic animation visually depicts medical conditions and surgical procedures for the medical specialty dedicated to the health of joints, extremities, and the spine; as well as the preservation, restoration, and proper function of the musculoskeletal system.

Ghost Medical creates concise visualizations of complex orthopedic treatments and surgical devices to help sports medicine surgeons, physical therapists, and orthopedic surgeons fully understand new devices and treatments. We use the most sophisticated animation software to produce accurate 3D orthopedic animated videos featuring orthopedic devices, implants, prosthetics, and medical treatments.

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Accurate 3D Spine Animations

Ghost Productions has created the most accurate and functional 3D Spine Anatomy in existence and has used it to create medical animations that explain everything from herniated discs to surgically implanted devices. Ghost Productions has also developed the ability to animate surgeon hands within the surgical space allowing for manual and guided needle procedures to be viewed in full 3D. Spinal pathologies and potential procedures can now be better explained to patients thanks to 3D orthopedic animations.

Joint Replacements & Sports Medicine 3D Animations

Physicians who specialize in sports medicine use these procedures to help injured athletes recover quickly and get back to performing. Orthopedic surgeons provide joint replacements for those suffering from osteoporosis or other joint diseases. The state-of-the-art surgical techniques used to install advanced medical devices are outstanding. This field uses bionic parts as surgical implants to repair and/or replace joints, which restores physical function to levels previously unattainable. Learn more about our sports medicine 3D animations today.

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3D Orthopedic Animations

We have beautiful models in 3D orthopedics presentations that show musculoskeletal anatomy and physiology in great detail. Elegant and innovative surgical technologies are easier to understand after watching 3D animations that highlight the key features. Joint animation and 3D orthopedics animation engage your target market. Our medical animations make excellent presentations at conventions — such as those for the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and the International Skeletal Society.

Our clients across the globe use 3D animations to market products, train surgeons, and educate patients. View our 3D orthopedic animation library and our computer-rendered medical illustrations to get an overview of the quality of our work. We can do the same for you.

Benefits of 3D Orthopedic Animation

We began creating spine animations in the mid-1990’s. Since then, we have progressed to animating orthopedic procedures of all kinds. As our experience and technical comprehension expanded (a great example was the release of the award-winning animated short, HEAL, during 2010), we developed an extensive library of 3D anatomical models that are accurate and realistic.

The type of people who benefit from orthopedic animation varies wildly. From physicians, surgeons, investors, medical device sales reps, medical facility administrators, to the patients themselves. A few of the most prominent benefits of our medical animation and interactive media products include:

Improved Treatments: Whether you need a joint animation for an older patient with advanced medical issues, a sports-medicine 3D animation for a young athlete, or materials for an entirely different type of patient, you probably often find yourself trying to explain a complex product or service to an apprehensive individual who doesn’t necessarily understand treatment intricacies. 3D medical animations can explain the procedure in detail in an efficient manner for all audiences.

Better Training: Our 3D medical animations of surgical procedures helps train surgeons. Instead of learning information from a textbook in order to pass a test and move on, students become immersed in detailed animation and illustrations that allow them to retain more information for practical application in the clinical setting.

Increased Buy-In: Investors want to know more about your product before they’ll even consider supporting you, and no administrator will buy a new device without a thorough understanding of how it will improve their facility. Our orthopedic animation helps convince them by accurately representing the advantage of your tools or procedures.

Cohesive Marketing: When you choose 3D orthopedic animation to explain your devices and processes, you’ll also be able to use the unique artwork within each video for personalized illustrations. You can use them on your website or medical brochures to tie your powerful branding strategy to all your products.


Cannulated Femoral Screw Animation Case Study

Orthopedic Animation Case Study: Cannulated Screw Marketing Animation for FlowFX, LLC.

Project Mission: Provide Orthogen with a series of short promotional animations of the Flow-FX cannulated screw systems for presentation at the AAOS convention. Two animations involve a femoral neck fracture, integrating portions of the previously produced Flow-Nail animation. Two other animations depict the Flow-FX technology in tibia and foot fracture applications.

All of these animations have the same high level of visually compelling quality of the first Flow-Nail animation.

Solution: We needed to show the infusion of bone void filler (BVF) and biologics through the cannulated screw systems offered by Flow-FX, LLC. We did this with a creative particle solution developed by Sam Gannaway, who was the Technical FX Leader on the project. The solution combined a number of dynamic fluid effects that did a great job of showing the progressive intrusion of BVF and biologics through the three types of cannulated screws: Flow-Nail, Flow-Screw, and 2-Can.

Our client, Patrick Sweeney, of Flow-FX, encouraged us to explore all of the creative efforts that we could to produce the most compelling results. Patrick’s openness to our creative ideas and the camera angles we proposed helped our creative animation team and 3D techs deliver a really cool and dynamic 3D animation. Josh Lynch, Creative Director on the project, used swooping camera direction for magnificent effects.

Swooping cameras and sensitive focus on the subject matter help this animation piece hold the audience’s attention and show the innovative solutions of the cannulated screw systems created by Flow-FX, LLC and Orthogen in the most interesting ways possible. Thanks to our client Patrick for allowing us the freedom to explore new creative concepts, and thanks to Josh and Sam of the Ghost Productions team for the excellent efforts in delivering them!

Completed: November, 2014

Budget: ≈ $20,000 – $25,000


Ghost Productions is an award-winning medical animation company that can help you with custom medical device animation services. We offer a wide array of digital representation services that can help anyone in the medical field improve their marketing, support patient communication efforts, or even streamline staff training. Our team is highly trained and has a great understanding of biomedical processes, so they can accurately represent your device or product in a 3D medical animation, or other types of illustrations you may be interested in. Contact Ghost Productions now and tell us more about how we can help you train your surgeons, sell more medical devices, or explain your pharmaceutical product.

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