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Medical Procedure Videos and Surgery Animation stills

Medical Procedure Videos and Surgery Animation

Visualize medical concepts & surgical procedures with our customized 3D animated surgery videos and VR surgery simulators!

General Medicine Animation

Ghost Productions has helped explain surgical procedures throughout the abdominal region with 3D medical animations, medical illustrations, interactive presentations, mobile apps, LMS applications, 3D animation surgery videos, and virtual reality surgical simulations. Whether you need to market a revolutionary laparoscopic gastric bypass product or need to train 300 surgeons how to properly use a new fine-needle aspiration biopsy device, Ghost Productions can make the medical device animation and VR surgery simulator you need.

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Pioneering Surgical and Scientific Animations

Many surgical products can be 3D rendered into print-quality images in just a few days and fully animated medical video can be played at trade show booths and distributed worldwide via the internet. Surgical devices, tools, anatomy, and physiology are explained faster and better than ever before using Ghost Productions medical animation and medical VR videos.

Moreover, the power of animation has been harnessed to create fully animated medical videos. These videos can be played at trade show booths, capturing the attention of attendees and effectively conveying complex medical concepts and procedures. By utilizing animation, intricate surgical devices and tools can be visually presented, demonstrating their functionality and purpose in a way that is engaging and easily comprehensible.

The reach of medical animation and videos has expanded even further through the internet. With the widespread availability of online platforms, these educational materials can now be distributed worldwide. Medical professionals, students, and even patients can access these resources at their convenience, enhancing their understanding of surgical techniques, anatomical structures, and physiological processes. This global distribution allows for increased knowledge dissemination, leading to advancements in medical education and improved patient care.

Ghost Productions has harnessed these technologies to explain surgical devices, tools, anatomy, and physiology faster and better than ever before. With our expertise, we can create captivating and accurate visual representations of medical concepts, making it easier for healthcare professionals to grasp complex information and integrate it into their practice.

By leveraging medical animation and VR videos, the medical industry has witnessed a significant transformation in the way information is conveyed. These visual tools have proven to be invaluable in medical education, as they allow for more efficient and comprehensive explanations of surgical procedures and medical concepts. As technology continues to advance, the potential for further advancements in medical animation and VR videos is vast, promising even more effective means of knowledge transfer and improved patient outcomes.

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Why choose Ghost Medical for Medical Procedure Videos and Surgery Animation?

Ghost Medical is a medical animation studio that specializes in creating high-quality medical procedure videos and surgical animations for healthcare professionals, patients, and medical device companies. They offer a range of services, including custom medical animations, surgical animations, and medical illustrations.

One of the key benefits of choosing Ghost Medical is their team's expertise in medical science and animation. They work closely with healthcare professionals and subject matter experts to ensure that their animations accurately represent medical procedures and anatomical structures.

Ghost Medical also uses the latest technology and software to create their animations, which allows them to produce high-quality, detailed, and realistic animations that can be used for a variety of purposes, including medical education, patient education, and marketing.

In addition, Ghost Medical offers personalized service and a commitment to quality, ensuring that their clients are satisfied with their final product. They work closely with their clients to understand their specific needs and goals and to create animations that meet those needs.

Overall, if you are looking for a professional and reliable medical animation studio, Ghost Medical is definitely worth considering. Their expertise, technology, and commitment to quality make them a top choice for medical procedure videos and surgery animation.


Hydrocephalus Animation Case Study

Medical Device Animation Case Study: Hydrocephalus Animation for Aesculap, Inc.

Project Mission: Build a dynamic and visually compelling medical device animation that incorporates 3d visualization of product placements blended with well rendered stills to explain the use and programming of the proGAV hydrocephalus pressure management system.

Solution: We were approached by the Aesculap neurology team to build an instructional video with medical device animation to support the proGAV training efforts. Together, we developed a plan to use well rendered 2d assets and make some simple animations using After Effects IK tools. The goal was to build a functional training tool that would also be visually stimulating to retain the audience.

Our solution worked out very well with a very beautiful finished hydrocephalus treatment training video. The challenges with learning a new process with the AE IK tools was worth the effort. We’ve since been able to use these skills with a few other projects. We also developed some new shading and lighting techniques to reduce overall render processing times.

A fringe benefit of working on this project was contributing to the efforts by Aesculap to treat hydrocephalus. We’re lucky to be able to be involved in visualization in medicine like this. A critical driving force for the continued development here at ghOst is the satisfaction we get by making this type of contribution. Special thanks to Amy Burkey and Angela Olivier in the concept development that made this animation even better.

Completed: September, 2014

Budget: ≈ $20,000-$22,000

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