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Digital Brochures With Interactive Video Players

Ectobooks are innovative marketing tools that act as a video brochure. They combine the traditional concept of a printed brochure with embedded video technology. These products are particularly effective for medical content as they provide a visually engaging and interactive way to communicate information to healthcare professionals, patients, and other stakeholders. A ectobook typically consists of a high-quality printed brochure or booklet that incorporates a video screen, speakers, control buttons, and a rechargeable battery. When the brochure is opened, a video automatically starts playing, capturing the viewer's attention and delivering the desired message.

ectobook video player

Ectobooks Benefits

Brochures with an interactive video player offer numerous benefits for healthcare organizations and medical device companies. Here are some key advantages.

Engaging & Interactive

Ectobooks provide an engaging experience for the target audience. It allows healthcare organizations and medical device companies to showcase their products or services in an interactive manner, capturing the viewer's attention and increasing their involvement with the content.

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Visual Demonstration

With the integration of video content, brochures become an effective medium to visually demonstrate the features, benefits, and usage of medical devices or healthcare services. Videos of medical animation can show the device in action, highlight its key functionalities, or demonstrate how it improves patient outcomes, resulting in a more impactful and persuasive communication tool.

Improved Sales and Marketing Efforts

Interactive ectobooks with video players act as powerful sales and marketing tools. They can be distributed during conferences, trade shows, sales meetings, or mailed directly to potential clients. The interactive and visually appealing nature of these brochures helps capture attention, generate interest, and drive conversions.


Ectobooks offer complete customization options. Healthcare organizations and medical device companies can tailor the content, design, and overall layout to align with their branding, messaging, and specific target audience. This flexibility enables them to convey their unique value proposition effectively.

Brochures with an interactive video player

Demonstrate Innovation

Utilizing brochures with interactive video players showcases the organization or company's commitment to innovation. It presents a modern and tech-savvy image, reinforcing the perception of being at the forefront of the healthcare industry.

Enhance Product Visibility

Adding a pocket to the ectobook brochure to display a sample of the medical device provides a tangible and hands-on experience to the viewers. This feature allows potential customers to interact with the product physically, further increasing their understanding and interest in the device.

Ectobooks Interactive video brochures for healthcare

Our Approach

Ghost Medical has a deep understanding of the healthcare industry's unique challenges and requirements. Ghost Medical provides tailored marketing solutions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of healthcare companies. Ghost Medical's experts use a range of strategies to optimize the visibility of healthcare organizations that ultimately result in increased sales.


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