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Why We Work Exclusively in Medicine

"We are committed to explaining medicine and its benefit to humanity by improving healthcare outcomes with simulation based training and medical visualization."

Starting with a strong background in medical graphics and illustration, the first animation Ghost produced was a spinal implantation surgery that premiered at the North American Spine Society in 1994. As the need for special effects and animated content grew, the client base expanded to include television networks and advertising agencies with a wide range of content requirements.

Ghost Productions Shifts to Animated TV Shows and High-Budget Special Effects Commercials

We spent a few years producing award-winning special effects laden commercials for everything from name-brand beverages to high-end sports gear and even produced a few animated television shows and direct to video animated movies. Officer Jim and Buster, Woodfin, and Frivolous FairyTales.

About Ghost Medical Studio: A picture of a Hand with Depuy trauma Medical Device.

Ghost Productions Returns to Exclusively Working in the Medical Industry

Ghost Productions’ founders decided to return to medicine because they valued the client relationships they had in the medical industry much more than they had with television networks and ad agencies. With Ghost Productions focused exclusively in medicine , the studio expanded into every medical specialty. Ghost’s medical animations efforts resulted in incredible success for Ghost and our clients, and paved the way for developing advanced technology like artificially intelligent medical illustration and VR surgery.Want to know more about the advancements we’ve made to medical marketing, surgical training, patient education, MOA (mechanism of action) pharmacology animations, VR surgery, and AI generated medical illustrations?

“Medicine is an invention created to reduce human suffering while improving the lives of the patients it treats. It is an honorable profession that we passionately serve.”

Stephan Kuslich – Company Founder


Our 5 Tenets of Ghost (5TG) represents a promise we make to all of our clients that we are fully committed to helping achieve success.

5 Tenets of Ghost (5TG)

Excellence – We treat every aspect of every project as though life depends on our ability to deliver a flawless product, because in this business, it does.

Teamwork – Our continued success is completely reliant on making you successful. When we work together, you’ll find that we quickly become a competent and trusted extension of your team.

Tenacity – We cherish learning about your company and your products and become experts in the role of helping you achieve your goals.  

Efficiency – We know that budget matters.  We commit to solving problems and achieving your goals on time and on budget.  

Visionary – When your products are exceptional, your goals ambitious, and your challenges demanding, you need a partner with the imagination, experience, and pioneering spirit to create solutions that have never existed before.




Ghost Productions is an award-winning medical animation company that can help you with custom medical device animation services. We offer a wide array of digital representation services that can help anyone in the medical field improve their marketing, support patient communication efforts, or even streamline staff training. Our team is highly trained and has a great understanding of biomedical processes, so they can accurately represent your device or product in a 3D medical animation, or other types of illustrations you may be interested in. Contact Ghost Productions now and tell us more about how we can help you train your surgeons, sell more medical devices, or explain your pharmaceutical product.

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