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A montage of images including a surgeon wearing a vr headset, a snake biting a leg and injecting venom, and a heart implant
VR surgeries and medical animation preview from Ghost productions


You'll see some of the biggest names in the medical industry have worked with Ghost Medical.


Ghost Medical: Pioneering Innovation in Medical Animation and Marketing

Ghost Medical, also known as Ghost Productions Inc., has established itself as a reputable company renowned for its collaborations with prominent entities within the medical industry. These partnerships serve as a testament to the exceptional quality of the products and services offered by Ghost Medical. A key driver behind Ghost Medical's success lies in its unwavering commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies within the animation and multimedia fields. By harnessing the power of these advanced tools, Ghost Medical delivers state-of-the-art visuals that not only enhance patient outcomes but also streamline healthcare processes.

Utilizing Advanced Technologies for Enhanced Visuals

Through the integration of the latest and most advanced technologies, Ghost Medical ensures that its clients receive unparalleled visual experiences. By employing advanced animation techniques and multimedia tools, Ghost Medical creates compelling visuals that vividly convey complex medical concepts, procedures, and devices. This proficiency in incorporating advanced technologies sets Ghost Medical apart from its competitors, enabling the company to offer innovative and immersive visual solutions to medical professionals and organizations alike.

Collaboration with Leading Medical Professionals and Organizations

At Ghost Medical, collaboration with top-tier medical professionals and organizations is a fundamental aspect of the company's philosophy. By partnering with renowned experts in various medical fields, Ghost Medical gains valuable insights and expertise, which fuel the development of cutting-edge visuals. Through these collaborations, Ghost Medical has had the privilege of working on projects that have yielded groundbreaking advancements in healthcare. Such collaborations ensure that Ghost Medical stays at the forefront of medical innovation, consistently delivering products and services that exceed industry standards.

Driving Innovation with Universities and Research Institutions

Ghost Medical's commitment to driving innovation extends beyond its collaborations with medical professionals and organizations. The company actively seeks partnerships with universities and research institutions to foster technological advancements and visually showcase progress within the medical industry. By aligning with academic and research entities, Ghost Medical gains access to the latest breakthroughs, emerging technologies, and novel treatments. This collaborative approach enables Ghost Medical to create visually compelling representations of these advancements, contributing to the wider awareness and adoption of groundbreaking medical technologies and practices worldwide.

Saving Lives and Elevating Care Quality

The partnerships forged by Ghost Medical with leading experts, organizations, universities, and research institutions have had a profound impact on the medical industry. Through the visual representation of new technologies and treatments, Ghost Medical has played a pivotal role in raising awareness and promoting the adoption of life-saving advancements. By effectively communicating complex medical information, Ghost Medical's animations and marketing materials have aided medical professionals in providing enhanced care and improving patient outcomes globally.

Leadership in Medical Animation and Marketing

Ghost Medical's unwavering focus on collaboration and innovation has solidified its position as a leader in the medical animation and marketing industry. The company's dedication to excellence is evidenced by its partnerships with some of the biggest names in the field. These collaborations showcase Ghost Medical's steadfast commitment to delivering the highest quality products and services to its diverse range of clients.

Whether you are a medical professional, a patient, or simply an individual interested in the latest developments within the healthcare industry, Ghost Medical is a company worth following. By combining advanced technologies, collaborations with experts, and partnerships with universities and research institutions, Ghost Medical continues to push boundaries, providing state-of-the-art medical animations and marketing solutions that ultimately contribute to saving lives and improving the overall quality of care.


Our Clients' Medical Expertise: Exploring a Multidisciplinary Landscape

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery is proud to serve a diverse range of clients, each with their own unique medical expertise. Our collaborations span various fields, from aesthetics to wound care, and encompass specialties such as dermatology, orthopedics, pediatrics, and many more. Join us as we delve into the world of our esteemed clientele and the exceptional contributions they make to the healthcare industry.


Our clients in aesthetics rely on our services to showcase innovative procedures, advanced skincare techniques, and cutting-edge treatments that help individuals achieve their desired appearance and maintain healthy skin.


Collaborating with dermatology experts, we create engaging visuals and animations that educate patients and healthcare professionals about various skin conditions, treatments, and skincare practices.


In the healthcare sector, our clients utilize our expertise to develop informative animations and VR experiences that enhance patient education, streamline medical processes, and improve overall healthcare delivery.

Healthcare Law

Clients in healthcare law benefit from our animations that simplify complex legal concepts, streamline litigation processes, and promote patient rights and safety.

Medical Devices

We collaborate with medical device manufacturers to showcase the functionality, benefits, and applications of their innovative devices, helping healthcare professionals and patients understand their capabilities.

Medical Research

Our partnerships in medical research involve creating visuals that communicate scientific advancements, research findings, and breakthrough discoveries, aiding in knowledge dissemination within the scientific community and beyond.


Collaborating with oncology experts, we create animations and VR experiences that depict cancer treatments, explain the underlying mechanisms, and raise awareness about the latest developments in the field.


Working with orthotics specialists, we develop visuals that demonstrate the use and benefits of orthotic devices in enhancing mobility, correcting alignment, and improving quality of life.


Our collaborations with pharmaceutical companies involve creating visuals that highlight the mechanisms of action of drugs, explain treatment regimens, and promote the benefits of pharmaceutical products.

Respiratory Care

Clients in respiratory care rely on our animations to illustrate respiratory conditions, demonstrate treatment options, and educate patients and healthcare professionals on respiratory care practices.


In collaboration with urology experts, we develop visuals that explain urological conditions, surgical procedures, and treatment options, helping patients and healthcare providers make informed decisions.


Our animations and VR experiences in cardiology showcase complex heart procedures, explain cardiovascular conditions, and illustrate the latest advancements in cardiac care.


Collaborating with gastroenterology specialists, we create visuals that explain gastrointestinal conditions, endoscopic procedures, and treatment options, facilitating patient understanding and informed decision-making.

Healthcare Communications

Clients in healthcare communications benefit from our animations and visual storytelling expertise to effectively communicate healthcare messages, promote public health initiatives, and raise awareness about important healthcare topics.

Healthcare Marketing

We collaborate with healthcare marketing professionals to create engaging visuals and animations that effectively convey healthcare product benefits, educate consumers, and enhance marketing campaigns.

Medical Diagnostics

Our partnerships with medical diagnostics companies involve creating visuals that demonstrate diagnostic procedures, imaging technologies, and the benefits of early disease detection.

Medical Software

Working with medical software developers, we create animations that showcase the functionality and benefits of software solutions, facilitating better understanding and adoption in the healthcare industry.


Collaborating with ophthalmology experts, we develop visuals that explain eye conditions, surgical procedures, and vision correction techniques, aiding in patient education and professional training.

Ostomy Care

Clients in ostomy care benefit from our animations that demonstrate proper ostomy management techniques, helping patients and caregivers navigate the challenges of living with an ostomy.

Physical Therapy

We collaborate with physical therapy professionals to create visuals that illustrate therapeutic exercises, rehabilitation techniques, and the benefits of physical therapy in restoring mobility and function.


Our clients in the skincare industry rely on our expertise to create visuals that demonstrate skincare routines, highlight the benefits of different skincare products, and educate consumers on skincare practices.

Vascular Surgery

Collaborating with vascular surgeons, we develop visuals that explain vascular conditions, surgical procedures, and innovative treatment options, promoting better understanding and patient outcomes.


Our dental clients trust us to create immersive animations and VR experiences that showcase complex procedures, dental implant placements, orthodontic treatments, and oral surgeries. We help educate patients and dental professionals alike, highlighting the latest advancements in dental care.


Collaborating with gynecologists, we produce interactive visualizations that illustrate reproductive processes, minimally invasive surgical techniques, and the treatment of gynecological conditions. Our animations assist in patient education, improving understanding and decision-making.

Healthcare Education

Working closely with educational institutions and healthcare organizations, we develop engaging content that enhances medical education. Our animations and virtual simulations cover a wide range of topics, including anatomy, physiology, surgical procedures, and medical advancements.

Infectious Disease

We assist in the fight against infectious diseases by creating accurate and informative visualizations. Our animations and VR experiences help raise awareness, explain transmission methods, demonstrate the efficacy of vaccines, and showcase the mechanisms of antiviral medications.

Medical Imaging

Partnering with medical imaging experts, we transform complex imaging techniques into accessible visualizations. We create interactive models that allow medical professionals and patients to explore diagnostic procedures, such as MRI, CT scans, and ultrasounds, facilitating clearer communication and understanding.


Our collaborations with neurologists focus on elucidating intricate brain and nervous system functions. Through advanced animations and virtual reality, we visualize neurological disorders, brain surgeries, neuroimaging techniques, and neurorehabilitation, contributing to enhanced patient and medical professional education.


By collaborating with orthopedic surgeons, we depict complex orthopedic procedures, joint replacements, and the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Our animations aid in patient education, helping individuals make informed decisions regarding their orthopedic care.


We work alongside pediatric specialists to create engaging and informative animations for young patients and their families. Our visuals cover a wide range of pediatric conditions, surgeries, and treatments, providing reassurance and understanding during challenging times.


Our animations in podiatry showcase the intricacies of foot and ankle anatomy, common foot conditions, surgical interventions, and orthotic procedures. We strive to assist podiatrists in conveying important information to patients, enhancing their overall care experience.

Spinal Surgery

Collaborating with spinal surgeons, we produce detailed visualizations of spinal surgeries, spinal cord injuries, and treatment options for various spinal conditions. Our animations help patients and healthcare professionals comprehend complex spinal procedures, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Wound Care

Working closely with wound care specialists, we develop animations that depict wound healing processes, advanced wound care techniques, and the use of innovative wound management products. Our visuals contribute to patient education and adherence to wound care protocols.

At Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery, we are honored to work with such esteemed professionals across multiple medical specialties. Through our animations and virtual reality experiences, we aim to empower both healthcare providers and patients with accurate, accessible, and engaging visualizations, ultimately improving medical understanding and patient outcomes.

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