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Treatment of Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction with the Catamaran

July 5, 2023
Tenon Medical's Catamaran SI Joint Fusion System revolutionizes the treatment of sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction, a common cause of lower back pain.
Tenon Medical's Catamaran SI Joint Fusion System revolutionizes the treatment of sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction, a common cause of lower back pain.


Medical illustrations serve as a vital tool for comprehending complex medical procedures. Ghost Medical, a renowned medical illustration studio, has recently unveiled a medical visualization showcasing the implantation process of the Catamaran SI Joint Fusion System by Tenon Medical. With meticulous attention to detail, their illustration sheds light on the intricate workings of this groundbreaking medical device.

The Catamaran SI Joint Fusion System

Tenon Medical's Catamaran SI Joint Fusion System revolutionizes the treatment of sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction, a common cause of lower back pain. This innovative system comprises two pontoon-like components fixed into the ilium and sacrum. By transfixing the SI joint along its longitudinal axis, stability is enhanced, promoting fusion between the ilium and sacrum.

Sacroiliac Joint Pain Visualized

Ghost Medical's Illustration

Ghost Medical's illustration brilliantly captures the essence of the Catamaran SI Joint Fusion System. The artwork unveils the precise steps involved in implanting the Catamaran Fixation Device, providing a comprehensive visual guide to its functioning and the relief it offers from SI joint pain.

The illustration meticulously illustrates the The transfixion of the SI joint along its longitudinal axis is effectively portrayed, creating a deeper understanding of the procedure's intricacies.

Enhancing Understanding and Collaboration

Medical illustrations, such as Ghost Medical's masterpiece, play a pivotal role in the medical field. They serve as invaluable educational tools, aiding healthcare professionals in explaining intricate procedures to colleagues and patients. Moreover, these illustrations foster collaboration between medical device manufacturers, physicians, and patients, leading to well-informed decision-making and improved patient outcomes.

 process of Tenon Medical's Catamaran SI Joint Fusion System


Ghost Medical's exceptional medical illustration, depicting the implantation process of Tenon Medical's Catamaran SI Joint Fusion System, offers a profound visual representation of this groundbreaking procedure. By bridging the gap between complex medical technology and comprehensive patient understanding, Ghost Medical empowers healthcare professionals to effectively communicate the benefits of advanced medical devices to their patients.

These remarkable illustrations facilitate meaningful collaboration among medical experts, ultimately resulting in more informed decision-making and enhanced patient outcomes. Ghost Medical's unwavering commitment to bridging the divide between complex medical procedures and patient comprehension continues to shape the future of medical illustration.

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The medical visualizations showcased by Ghost Medical are intended solely to demonstrate our portfolio work and are not intended to be labeled as reliable FDA claims in the healthcare market. Surgeons and healthcare professionals should exercise caution and conduct their own research before relying solely on the information presented in the visualizations. Please be aware that while our work strive to accurately represent medical concepts and technologies, they may not always reflect the current state of the medical industry.
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