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Cannulated Screw Animation Case Study: FlowFX

Cannulated Screw Animation Case Study: FlowFX

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
May 26, 2015
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Project: Cannulated Screw Marketing Animation for FlowFX, LLC.

MISSION: Provide Orthogen with a series of short promotional animations of the FlowFX cannulated screw systems for AAOS. Two involve femoral neck fracture that can be leveraged from the previously produced FlowNail animation. The remaining two are depicting the Flowfx technology in Tibial and Foot fracture applications. All of these animations will follow the same high level of visually compelling quality produced in the first FlowNail animation.

SOLUTION: We needed to show the infusion of bone void filler and biologics through the cannulated screw systems offered by FlowFX, LLC. We did this with a creative particle solution developed by Sam Gannaway, Technical Fx lead. It combined a number of dynamic fluid effects that did a great job of showing the progressive intrusion of BVF and biologics through the cannulated screws: Flow Nail, Flow Screw, and 2-Can.

We were really cut loose by our client, Patrick Sweeney. Patrick’s openness to creative ideas and camera angles helped our creative animation team and 3d techs deliver a really cool and dynamic animation that could have been sterilized by reigning in the swooping camera direction by Josh Lynch, Creative Director. Swooping cameras and sensitive focus on the subject helps this piece hold focus and show the innovative solutions, including the cannulated screw systems, created by FlowFX, LLC. and OrthoGen. Thanks Patrick!

COMPLETED: November, 2014

BUDGET: ≈ $20,000 – $25,000

Orthogen - FlowFX - HD
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