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MedSource Labs' Project Postmortem: Medical Animation & Graphics

MedSource Labs' Project Postmortem: Medical Animation & Graphics

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
December 5, 2023
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Effective communication and marketing are essential for conveying complex medical concepts and innovations. Ghost Medical, a leading medical animation studio and VR surgery simulation developer, is at the forefront of this effort, dedicated to explaining medicine and its benefits to humanity. One of their recent projects, undertaken for their esteemed client, MedSource Labs, demonstrates their commitment to delivering top-quality medical graphics and animations. In this blog post, we delve into Ghost Medical's project postmortem, showcasing their collaboration with MedSource Labs and the remarkable results achieved.

The Client: MedSource Labs

MedSource Labs is a reputable manufacturer and provider of high-quality healthcare supplies, including OEM products. Their mission is to improve patient outcomes by delivering cost-effective, top-quality medical devices to healthcare professionals. With an ISO-certified Quality Management System, MedSource Labs ensures their products meet regulatory requirements and enhance patient care.

The Project: ClearSafe® and ClearSafe Comfort® Products

Ghost Medical was tasked with creating marketing deliverables and animations for MedSource Labs' ClearSafe® and ClearSafe Comfort® products. The ClearSafe® Safety IV Catheter is designed to facilitate easy and safe IV access for caregivers. It features a unique triple-facet, back-cut, beveled needle to reduce trauma at the insertion site. Additionally, it boasts an audible click-lock safety mechanism, ensuring the needle is securely retracted and housed within the catheter body, enhancing needlestick safety. The ClearSafe Comfort® product offers the same features as ClearSafe®, with the added benefit of a softening PUR (polyurethane) catheter material, increasing patient comfort during use.

The Animation Process

To provide insight into the project's development, Ghost Medical released a video detailing their workflow. The video is divided into several chapters, each focusing on different aspects of the animation process. Let's explore some key insights from these chapters:


  • Ghost Medical explored various visual treatments for MedSource Labs.
  • They initially considered dark and light themes before finalizing their approach.
  • The team experimented with gobos (light projections) to enhance the visuals.


  • Ghost Medical challenged their 3D animation team to depict the needle insertion into a patient's arm in a unique and realistic way.
  • They emphasized the importance of highlighting the device's novelty and special features.
  • The animation was executed using Houdini and Maya, incorporating dynamic simulations for realism.

Look Development

  • The team explained the intricacies of creating realistic materials and lighting for the animation.
  • Special attention was given to showcasing the product and creating an engaging visual experience.
  • Techniques like subsurface scattering and specular lighting were used to enhance the realism.

Motion Graphics

  • Callouts and titles were added as motion graphics elements.
  • These elements were superimposed on the 3D rendering and tracked in 3D for precise alignment.
  • Ghost Medical emphasized the efficiency of this approach for client revisions.


The video demonstrated complex compositing techniques, including multi-layered compositions.

  • The hexagonal pattern used in the animation became an integral part of MedSource Labs' branding.
  • The client appreciated the subtle incorporation of the hexagon pattern into the transitions.


Ghost Medical's project postmortem for MedSource Labs showcases the remarkable expertise and dedication of the team in delivering visually stunning and medically accurate animations. Their ability to explain complex medical concepts, highlight product features, and create captivating visual narratives is a testament to their commitment to advancing medical communication. With a long-term partnership established, Ghost Medical is poised to continue contributing to MedSource Labs' success in the healthcare industry.

Producing Medical Animations for MedSource Labs: Behind the Scenes with Ghost Medical

December 5, 2023
MedSource Labs
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