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Time-Saving Advantages From Virtual Reality Simulated Training

Time-Saving Advantages From Virtual Reality Simulated Training

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
October 24, 2019
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VR Simulated Training imitates real-life surgical situations1 for training and demonstrations. It teaches medical professionals how to use tools, perform new techniques and complete complex procedures. This technology enhances care through multiple benefits. Its virtual operating room and patient provide a risk-free space where the user can practice techniques and build confidence. Virtual reality medical simulation training also allows medical professionals to work together and become a cohesive team.

VR Simulated Training saves time in training and real-life operations. Discover the time-saving benefits of virtual reality medical simulation training right here.

How Does a Virtual Reality Surgery Simulator Save Time?

With virtual reality training simulations, medical professionals can save time2 in the short- and long-term. They also reduce the time taken for training and surgical operations.

Since virtual reality requires no traditional preparation, it saves the time previously used to get ready for training. For instance, cadaver training requires medical professionals to “scrub in” before practicing techniques. Virtual reality also allows trainees to pick up where they left off without having to complete their training in one session.

Through virtual reality training, junior surgeons can more easily get the hours they need to transition to real surgeries. Traditional training requires educators to set up a session in an operating room. With a virtual reality simulation, trainees can learn wherever they can operate the equipment. The simulation saves the time needed to schedule and set up training sessions.

The operating room availability for surgeries increases as a result of trainees using virtual reality to practice procedures. As trainees are learning how to perform operations through virtual reality simulations, the learning gap closes faster, which means operations in real life are completed safer and quicker. This reduces the overall time a patient undergoing surgery spends in an operating room.

Who Benefits the Most?

When doctors use virtual reality simulation in training, surgical performance can improve by as much as 230 percent3. Speed can also increase by as much as 20 percent. As a result of this improved performance, the following groups can benefit:

  • Patients: Increased surgery speed allows a patient to experience less time under anesthetics. The improved surgical performance also results in a higher level of care for patients.
  • Doctors: A simulated surgical environment allows doctors to plan complicated operations in a risk-free environment. It also lets them assess perioperative risks.
  • Trainees: Surgeons-in-training can build confidence in handling emergencies and rare circumstances through virtual reality. They can practice complex surgical situations to better manage them in real-life.

Explore Virtual Reality Simulated Training From Ghost Productions

Ghost Productions develops virtual reality medical simulations for training and demonstrations. Learn more about our virtual reality services by contacting our team today4.


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