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Wraith VR Oculus Headset

VR Surgical Training Simulations

VR medical & surgical training has been proven to reduce physician errors, improve surgeon speed, and increase practitioner efficiency of the entire surgical staff. Simulation based training is used in nearly all mission critical industries to minimize catastrophic human errors. Virtual reality is about to revolutionize medical & surgical training and significantly reduce medical error, the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States. Watch the presentation below to learn how simulation-based training saves lives. You may be surprised to learn how many lives could be saved if the medical industry adopted VR medical & surgery training the way the airline industry incorporated standardized flight simulators.

Virtual Reality Saves Lives

Simulation-based training in Mission Critical Industries

Keynote Presentation by Ghost Productions Founder – Stephan Kuslich

Surgical Training in Virtual Reality VS. Traditional Training


Increased Surgeon

2/5/2020 - David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA


Faster Completion
of Surgery

5/15/2016 - ICENI Centre, Colchester General Hospital


Overall Surgeon

2/5/2020 - David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA


We Will Make Your Transition to Virtual Reality Training Solutions Painless.

All we need to get started on your project is your surgical technique manual, CAD files for your instrumentation, and a clear understanding of your medical training goals. Then we go to work making your customized VR software and soon you’ll be reaping the benefits of the most advanced simulation-based surgical training technology available anywhere.Whether you opt for an eLearning surgical procedure that is completely self-running, or a multiuser virtual surgery solution for educator guided medical training, our technology is capable of delivering a solution to achieve your goals. Once you launch your project with us, our development team will be hard at work and in as little as two weeks, we will deliver the first run-through of your virtual medical & surgical training on a VR headset.

Try a VR surgical training program right now!


Save Time, Money, Sawbones, Cadavers and the Pain of Organizing a Traditional Product Demo

Once we’ve completed your VR surgical training program, it exists purely as software. You can put it on as many devices as you want and arm your entire staff with VR headsets without spending another dime on development. Well, until you realize just how well this technology works and how much money you save using it. Then we expect you’ll be back to have us produce the same virtual reality training solutions for your entire product line.

Cost Comparison of WRAITH VR Surgical Simulation VS. Traditional Surgical Training

Virtual reality live Surgical training cost comparison to Wraith VR training START A PROJECT

Virtually Join Surgeons in a Surgery From Anywhere Using Our Multi -User VR Simulation Software

"WraithMatrix” is our own remote telepresence platform that provides a remarkably realistic surgical simulation between multiple users connected via the internet. WraithMatrix has been tested to allow up to 8 users to engage in a fully immersive virtual surgery.

LIVE Surgical Training in Conducted Remotely  in VR with WRAITHMATRIX

Conduct more medical device sales demonstrations than ever before with surgeons all over the world. VR Headsets can be shipped overnight to surgeons and join sales reps in a surgical demonstration right away from any distance

Up to 8 users can join a remotely hosted virtual surgery simulation

Surgical instrumentation can be passed from user to user and multiple users can assist as easily as in a real surgical operating room

Laser pointers help draw attention for teaching purposes

Surgical trainings can be hosted thousands of miles apart at a fraction of the cost of a cadaver lab

Voice communications recorded by headset onboard microphone

Any type of surgery can be simulated and joined remotely via the internet


Engage in a Surgical Demonstration in About 60 Seconds

WraithMatrix is our own remote telepresence platform that provides a remarkably realistic surgical simulation between multiple users connected via the internet. WraithMatrix has been tested to allow up to 8 users to engage in a fully immersive virtual surgery without noticeable lag. WraithMatrix allows users to talk, hear, and see each other and collaboratively interact with a virtual patient.

Users can pick up tools and hand them to another person just as they would in the real world. This VR Elearning software provides uniquely powerful tools, like laser pointers and a holographic projector to help sales representatives guide surgeons through a medical procedure. Use the laser pointer to draw visual attention to instrumentation and anatomy just as you would in the real world, or conjure the holoprojector to show internal anatomy as the surgeon interacts with the virtual patient.

Once you start using Wraith-VR , our virtual reality simulation software, and WraithMatrix remote surgical simulations as part of your sales arsenal, you’ll immediately discover how quickly it provides results. How long does it take you to move from gaining the interest of a customer to actually scheduling a surgical demonstration? A day? A week? Months?

With WraitMatrix, the average time it takes to turn on a headset and begin engaging with another person in a virtual surgery is 1 minute. WraithMatrix gives you the power to demonstrate your products under the best possible conditions. This VR Elearning software also helps you educate any customer, anywhere in the world, and at anytime they want to meet. Given that it only takes about a minute to launch into a WraithMatrix shared virtual surgery, you now have the power to fully engage with a customer on the fly.

Mail a Surgeon a Headset and Join Them in VR SURGERY the Next Day

FedEx a VR headset preloaded with your Wraith-VR surgical simulation to a lead and you can engage with them in less time than it takes to book and board a flight. When you can’t be there in person, mail your customers a headset and work with them remotely in a shared virtual surgery.

Nothing is faster, easier, or more convenient than meeting in VR thanks to this virtual reality simulation software. Nearly everything done in an actual product demonstration, guided training, or onsite surgery can be simulated in the WraithMatrix remote telepresence platform. Wraith-VR surgical simulations and WraithMatrix remote telepresence allow you to connect with your clients in a fully immersive experience that must be experienced in person to properly appreciate. Book a demonstration with Ghost Productions to test drive WraithMatrix for yourself.

Wraith VR Oculus Headset

VR Surgery Simulator

With a uniquely interactive visual experience, our VR surgery training applications are custom made to simulate your surgical devices. Our goal is to create fully immersive medical VR content and feature-rich surgical simulations that allow you to demonstrate surgical tools, medical devices, and teach surgical procedures.

VR Surgery Oculus Quest Simulator App PreviewGhost Medical Our Process Surgical Simulation MVP Release Phase - Wraith FAQ

Ghost VRSE II for Quest 2

Download the newest version of our multiuser surgical simulator for Quest 2Made using Wraith-VR

Wraith VR Knee Surgery Simulator for Oculus Quest Wraith VR Knee Surgery Oculus Quest Surgical Simulation Preview

Wraith-VR Total Knee for PCVR

Download Total Knee Replacement Surgery Simulation for PCVR

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Ghost Productions is an award-winning medical media production company that can help you with custom medical animation and marketing services. We offer a wide array of digital representation services that can help anyone in the medical field improve their marketing, support patient communication efforts, or even streamline staff training. Our team is highly trained and has a great understanding of biomedical processes, so they can accurately represent your device or product in a 3D medical animation, or other types of illustrations you may be interested in. Contact Ghost Productions now and tell us more about how we can help you train your surgeons, sell more medical devices, or explain your pharmaceutical product.