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Audible Health DX - Raisonance Solutions Product Animation

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
March 11, 2021


Experience the future of healthcare with Audible Health DX by Raisonance Solutions. Ghost Medical Animation brings you a captivating animation showcasing this groundbreaking device.

Experience the cutting-edge advancements in healthcare with Audible Health DX, developed by Raisonance Solutions. Collaborating with Ghost Medical Animation, we present an engaging visual representation of this innovative device.

Raisonance Solutions pioneers the integration of artificial intelligence in healthcare, focusing on analyzing Forced Cough Vocalizations (FCV) to extract biometric and biomarker data of significance.

Picture a future where COVID-19 testing becomes effortless, non-intrusive, and universally accessible. Audible Health DX introduces a mobile application that captures cough sounds, delivering rapid test outcomes within minutes, eliminating the need for swabs, chemicals, or laboratory processing. It symbolizes the future of diagnostic medical devices.

Their advanced cloud infrastructure employs AI classifiers and exclusive systems to process cough sound signatures swiftly, offering results within moments. This groundbreaking technology serves the interests of users, healthcare professionals, and public health authorities alike.

Embark on the frontier of healthcare innovation with Audible Health DX. Ghost Productions, renowned for its expertise in medical animation, is committed to demystifying medicine. We craft top-tier medical graphics, animations, and virtual surgery simulations aimed at informing and inspiring audiences. Whether your objective is to promote a surgical device or educate patients, we guarantee outstanding outcomes. Allow us to breathe life into your medical project today.

Ghost Productions stands as a premier medical animation studio and developer of surgical VR simulations. Our primary goal is to enhance accessibility and comprehension in the field of medicine. We excel in producing meticulously accurate medical graphics, animations, and virtual surgery simulations that are informative and motivating. Whether your requirement involves marketing a surgical instrument, patient education, or elucidating the mechanism of action of a pharmaceutical product, we possess the proficiency and resources to deliver unparalleled results at competitive rates. Our medical animations convey intricate information swiftly, surpassing traditional surgical videos, while our 3D anatomy and physiology remain unrivaled.



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The animations showcased by Ghost Medical are intended solely to demonstrate our portfolio work and are not intended to be labeled as reliable FDA claims in the healthcare market. Surgeons and healthcare professionals should exercise caution and conduct their own research before relying solely on the information presented in the animations. Please be aware that while our animations strive to accurately represent medical concepts and technologies, they may not always reflect the current state of the medical industry.
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