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Ghost Medical and Cardinal Health Collaboration

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
April 18, 2018
Ghost Productions showcases Cardinal Health's Hemaduct wound drains in a medical animation highlighting their unique features and benefits. Contact them for more information.


Ghost Productions medical animation studio produced for Cardinal Health a medical device marketing piece that highlights the Hemaduct. This visually compelling and descriptive animation shows the features and benefits of the Hemaduct line of wound drains; A portion of the animation will focus details on construction and configuration of the drain and drainage ducts contrasted with simple Channel construction; The Hemaduct wound drains will also be shown in context with a typical wound, to illustrate the effectiveness of the channel design and highlight the ability of the drain to remain clear and continue drainage of fluids without clogging.

Hemaduct® Wound Drains allow multiple fluid pathways should soft tissue obstructions restrict continuous fluid flow, throughout the drain. The drain is comprised of both open and closed channels that are interconnected by internal portals that span the length of the drain. Should soft tissue obstructions in-grow into an open channel, the internal portals allow fluid to change channels and find alternative pathways around the obstructions.

Cardinal Health's Hemaduct line of wound drains is showcased in a visually stunning and informative medical animation produced by Ghost Productions medical animation studio. The animation highlights the unique features and benefits of the Hemaduct wound drains, including their construction and configuration, which allows for multiple fluid pathways in case of soft tissue obstructions. The animation also shows the Hemaduct wound drains in context with a typical wound, demonstrating their effectiveness in remaining clear and continuing drainage of fluids without clogging. This animation is an excellent example of how Ghost Productions can help explain the workings of medical devices and pharmaceutical products. Contact them today to learn more about their medical animation and virtual reality services.


Cardinal Health

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