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Ghost Medical - National Geographic Channel Reel - Inside Extraordinary Humans

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June 12, 2007
Ghost Productions created 34+ minutes of 3D animated footage for National Geographic's "Inside Extraordinary Humans" series, exploring human anatomy and conditions.


Ghost Productions produced over 34 minutes of 3D animated footage for the National Geographic Channel documentary series, "Inside Extraordinary Humans." Aired in July and September of '07, the animation that Ghost Productions produced helped to tell the amazing stories of giants, dwarves, and even conjoined twins: how these conditions are spurned, how these individuals develop, and the subsequent effects on the human body. The diversity of human anatomy and physiology is truly amazing!
Ghost Productions, a leading medical animation studio, created over 34 minutes of stunning 3D animated footage for the National Geographic Channel's documentary series, "Inside Extraordinary Humans." This groundbreaking series, which aired in July and September of '07, explores the fascinating world of human anatomy and physiology, focusing on conditions such as giants, dwarves, and conjoined twins. Through their expertly crafted animations, Ghost Productions helps viewers understand how these conditions develop and the profound effects they can have on the human body. This incredible series showcases the incredible diversity of the human form and highlights the importance of medical research and understanding.


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