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Lumpectomy Procedure for Breast Cancer Animated 2016

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
March 12, 2016


Ghost Medical Animation presents an insightful animation showcasing the Lumpectomy concept procedure.

Ghost Medical Animation, in collaboration with our esteemed client, Invuity, presents an insightful animation elucidating the Lumpectomy concept procedure. Lumpectomy stands as a crucial surgical approach frequently utilized in the treatment of breast cancer. This procedure delicately entails the removal of a lump or tumor from breast tissue, while meticulously preserving the natural aesthetics and functionality of the breast.

Throughout a lumpectomy, skilled surgeons execute precise incisions to extract the tumor along with a small margin of surrounding healthy tissue, ensuring comprehensive elimination of cancerous cells. Following the procedure, additional treatments such as radiation therapy may be administered to address any residual cancer cells within the breast.

Lumpectomy serves as a viable alternative to mastectomy, where the entire breast is surgically removed. The selection between these procedures is contingent upon various factors including the size and stage of the cancer, patient preferences, and overall health status.

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The animations showcased by Ghost Medical are intended solely to demonstrate our portfolio work and are not intended to be labeled as reliable FDA claims in the healthcare market. Surgeons and healthcare professionals should exercise caution and conduct their own research before relying solely on the information presented in the animations. Please be aware that while our animations strive to accurately represent medical concepts and technologies, they may not always reflect the current state of the medical industry.
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