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NanoHive's HIVE Standalone Cervical System - Medical Device Animation

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
May 9, 2023


NanoHive Medical has shaken the medical industry with its groundbreaking HIVE Standalone Cervical System. This innovative implant system has taken the field by storm, offering an array of features and benefits that cater to both patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Medical advancements have always been at the forefront of enhancing patient care and surgical procedures. In recent times, NanoHive Medical has shaken the medical industry with its groundbreaking HIVE Standalone Cervical System. This innovative implant system has taken the field by storm, offering an array of features and benefits that cater to both patients and healthcare professionals alike.

The HIVE Standalone Cervical System boasts a zero profile design and an interfixated structure with two self-tapping screws. This combination provides exceptional stability and support for cervical fusion procedures. The system offers the flexibility of cage or plate fixation, accommodating various treatment options based on individual patient needs.

Revolutionary Hive™ Soft Titanium® Technology

At the core of the HIVE Standalone Cervical System lies the revolutionary Hive™ Soft Titanium® technology. This cutting-edge material not only ensures optimal biomechanical performance but also maintains a lightweight and durable construction. By facilitating better osseointegration and reducing the risk of complications, this technology significantly enhances patient outcomes.

Recognizing the importance of patient anatomies' diversity, the HIVE Standalone Cervical System offers multiple footprints, heights, and lordoses for the interbody cage options. This customization empowers surgeons to tailor treatments to each patient's specific requirements, leading to a precise fit and better long-term results.

NanoHive Medical's Monumental Achievement

NanoHive Medical's CEO, Patrick O'Donnell, described the FDA clearance of the HIVE Standalone Cervical System as a monumental achievement for the company. By combining this launch with the Hive™ Standalone Anterior Lumbar System, NanoHive Medical has firmly established itself as the leader in 3D printed titanium anterior stand-alone fusion systems. Additionally, the cervical system's design caters to the evolving demands of ambulatory care surgery centers, making cervical fusion procedures more accessible in these facilities.

Prepare to be amazed by the groundbreaking features and exceptional performance of the HIVE Standalone Cervical System. You can experience this innovative system in action through an immersive 4K video visualized by Ghost Medical Animation. This video showcases the unparalleled benefits of the HIVE Standalone Cervical System, demonstrating its potential to revolutionize cervical fusion technology.

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