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OptiLIF® Endo System Surgical Animation - Spineology

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
August 1, 2023


The OptiLIF® Endo system is a revolutionary approach to ultra-minimally invasive spine surgery. This cutting-edge system seamlessly integrates endoscopes and endoscopic equipment, utilizing just one tubular retractor.

In the realm of medical advancements, there are groundbreaking innovations that reshape the landscape of surgical procedures. Spineology Inc., a pioneering medical technology company, has introduced the OptiLIF® Endo system, a revolutionary approach to ultra-minimally invasive spine surgery. This cutting-edge system seamlessly integrates endoscopes and endoscopic equipment, utilizing just one tubular retractor.

Ghost Medical Animation, a leading medical animation studio, has visualized the OptiLIF® Endo system through an educational surgery video, showcasing its remarkable capabilities. The fusion of technology and surgical expertise in this system has the potential to transform lumbar interbody fusion procedures, elevating the standard of care and redefining surgical outcomes.

Enhanced Surgical Precision: Direct Endoscopic Visualization

One of the standout features of the OptiLIF® Endo system is the OptiMesh® Multiplanar Expandable Implant. This innovative implant allows the use of the smallest diameter tubular retractor available in any fusion system on the market. This results in reduced exposure requirements compared to traditional minimally invasive techniques. By minimizing collateral damage, this system can have a positive impact on post-operative pain, blood loss, and length of hospital stay, enhancing patient recovery.

Revolutionizing Disc Space Access: OptiLIF® Endo Technology

What sets OptiLIF® Endo apart is the power of direct endoscopic visualization throughout the entire procedure. This technology revolutionizes the way surgeons access the disc space, perform decompression, discectomy, and endplate preparation, as well as place the interbody implant. With enhanced efficiency and safety, the system provides direct visualization of neural structures, ensuring optimized access to the disc space and precise surgical interventions.

Seamless Transitions: Maximizing Efficiency and Safety

Gone are the days of hassle and inefficiency during spine surgery. OptiLIF® Endo offers seamless transitions between the endoscopic and fusion instrumentation, maximizing surgical efficiency and patient safety. The system eliminates the need for exchanging portal tubes or using multiple tubes during the procedure, streamlining the surgical process and reducing the risk of complications.

Leading the Way: Endoscopic Fusion Procedures

Endoscopic fusion procedures have been gaining momentum among surgeons across the United States, recognizing the value of incorporating endoscopic technologies into their practices. With the OptiLIF® Endo system, Spineology is leading the way in the endoscopic fusion market, further establishing its reputation as an industry pioneer.

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Making Medicine Accessible: Ghost Productions

At Ghost Productions, their mission is to make medicine more accessible and easy to understand. As a leading medical animation studio and surgical VR simulation developer, they specialize in creating high-quality, medically accurate medical graphics, animations, and virtual surgery simulations. Their expertise and resources allow them to deliver superior products at competitive prices. From marketing surgical devices to educating patients and explaining pharmaceutical products' mechanisms of action, Ghost Productions' medical animations convey complex information efficiently and effectively, providing a deeper understanding of medical concepts.

Embrace the future of spine surgery with the OptiLIF® Endo system and discover a new era of minimally invasive procedures that prioritize patient well-being and surgical precision. Join the movement towards endoscopic fusion procedures and experience the transformative power of this groundbreaking technology.



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