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Recothrom Thrombin Topical to Aid Hemostasis | Baxter Medical Animation

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
March 12, 2016


Discover the groundbreaking Recothrom Thrombin Topical device by Baxter through this captivating medical animation provided by Ghost Medical Animation. Recothrom Thrombin topical (Recombinant) is a revolutionary topical thrombin indicated to aid hemostasis in cases of oozing blood and minor bleeding from capillaries and small venules. This animation highlights its unique features, including room temperature storage and multiple application options, such as spray, pump, and syringe spray assembly.

Experience the compelling medical animation showcasing the innovative Recothrom Thrombin Topical device by Baxter, crafted in collaboration with Ghost Medical Animation. This animation illuminates the distinctive attributes of Recothrom Thrombin, emphasizing its convenient storage at room temperature and versatile application methods, including spray, pump, and syringe spray assembly.

Baxter's dedication to collaboration with healthcare professionals in tackling healthcare challenges is evident in the development of Recothrom Thrombin. As the first and sole recombinant topical thrombin approved for use in patients one month of age or older, it offers stability at room temperature for up to 24 hours, enhancing its applicability.

Engineered with recombinant DNA technology, Recothrom Thrombin upholds safety and efficacy standards by eschewing additives of human or animal origin. Its application methods vary, accommodating diverse tissue treatment needs, from spray applicators with absorbable gelatin sponges to mixtures with absorbable gelatin powders.

Whether you're immersed in healthcare or simply intrigued by medical advancements, this animation provides invaluable insights into innovative medical solutions. Explore the potential of Recothrom Thrombin Topical by Baxter and witness its efficacy in achieving hemostasis.

Ghost Medical Animation stands as a premier studio in crafting medical animations and surgical VR simulations, committed to demystifying medicine. Our animations streamline complex information, and our proficiency in 3D anatomy and physiology sets us apart. Whether you're promoting a surgical device, educating patients, or elucidating a pharmaceutical product's mechanism of action, we possess the expertise to breathe life into your medical projects. Discover the potency of visual storytelling in the medical arena with Ghost Medical Animation.



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The animations showcased by Ghost Medical are intended solely to demonstrate our portfolio work and are not intended to be labeled as reliable FDA claims in the healthcare market. Surgeons and healthcare professionals should exercise caution and conduct their own research before relying solely on the information presented in the animations. Please be aware that while our animations strive to accurately represent medical concepts and technologies, they may not always reflect the current state of the medical industry.
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