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"The Stentrode" Brain Implant - Synchron Animation

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
August 1, 2023


In this captivating video brought to life by Ghost Medical Animation, we delve into a groundbreaking advancement in the field of medical technology, courtesy of Synchron

In this captivating video brought to life by Ghost Medical Animation, we delve into a groundbreaking advancement in the field of medical technology, courtesy of Synchron - a company at the forefront of innovation. The remarkable device we are about to explore is the Stentrode, a cutting-edge neural interface that offers hope and potential solutions for individuals who have experienced paralysis or speech loss due to limb amputation, motor neuron disease, or AALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).

The Stentrode

Unlike traditional open brain surgery, the Stentrode introduces a minimally invasive approach that eliminates the need for invasive procedures. By utilizing a catheter placed in the jugular vein, the self-expanding stent is delicately inserted into the brain. This stent is equipped with sophisticated sensors that interact with the vein wall, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted blood flow. Over time, these remarkable sensors integrate seamlessly with the surrounding brain tissue as cells gradually grow over them.

Harnessing the Power of Thought: How Stentrode Empowers the Mind

Strategically positioned adjacent to the brain's control center, the motor cortex, the Stentrode's sensors work wonders. They empower individuals to activate their motor functions using the power of their own thoughts, even in cases where paralysis has set in. The brain signals are then transmitted out of the brain, travel through the vein, and ultimately reach an implant placed beneath the skin and chest. This implant serves as a constant receiver, capturing and translating brain signals. When connected to an external receiver, these signals are relayed to a computer.

With this seamless connection between the brain and software, patients can now undergo training to achieve direct control over the operating system. The technology opens up endless possibilities for individuals to control various devices with their thoughts. From simple tasks like operating a computer mouse or keyboard to more complex actions like controlling exoskeletons and vehicles, the Stentrode is pushing the boundaries of what was once thought impossible. The potential for this innovation to restore mobility and communication for those with physical limitations is truly awe-inspiring.

Synchron's Stentrode in Action: Tom Oxley's TED Talk

The impact of Synchron's Stentrode has been so profound that the CEO, Tom Oxley, took the stage for a TED Talk to share the revolutionary device with the world. Ghost Medical Animation played a pivotal role in assisting Tom Oxley with an engaging and visually captivating presentation that left the audience in awe of the possibilities that lie ahead.

As we look ahead, the Stentrode represents a beacon of hope for those facing physical limitations. The direct link between the brain and assistive devices is just the beginning. With continued research and development, this technology could revolutionize the lives of countless individuals, unlocking new opportunities for independence and freedom.

Embracing Innovation with Ghost Productions

Ghost Productions, the pioneering medical animation studio and surgical VR simulation developer, played a crucial role in bringing the Stentrode to life. With a mission to make medicine more accessible and easy to understand, they excel in creating high-quality, medically accurate animations that educate and inspire. Whether it's marketing a surgical device, patient education, or explaining the mechanism of action of pharmaceutical products, Ghost Productions has the expertise and resources to deliver superior products at competitive prices. Their medical animations convey complex information in a fraction of the time traditional surgical videos take, and their unmatched 3D anatomy and physiology add a new dimension to medical visualization.

Conclusion: Pioneering a New Era of Medical Advancements

The Stentrode by Synchron represents a watershed moment in medical technology, offering hope and possibilities to individuals who once faced insurmountable challenges. With its potential to restore mobility and communication through the power of thought, this innovative neural interface is breaking barriers and ushering in a new era of medical advancements. As we witness the impact of this remarkable device, we look forward to the day when such innovations become accessible to all, transforming lives and rewriting the boundaries of human potential.

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