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3D Animated Marketing Videos: The New Medical Sales Tool animation still

3D Animated Marketing Videos: The New Medical Sales Tool

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
December 29, 2017
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Medical animations are useful as a medical sales tool to help illustrate concepts, demonstrate medical theories, explain the protocols of treatment processes, and show detailed anatomy or physiology. Three-dimensional animations are also used in other health-related areas for medical simulations that can be viewed in an interactive manner.

Here are some of the excellent uses for medical animations that can be used as a medical sales tool to help pharmaceutical sales reps:

Information for Patients: Educational Videos

Patients are more comfortable undergoing procedures to install medical devices or take pharmaceuticals when they are shown an explanation about them. The description gives information in an easy-to-understand and dynamic way using 3D medical animations. Additionally, patients are able to retain more of the information by watching these educational videos than they get from written literature or brochures.

Training for Staff: Continuing Education Videos About Pharmaceuticals

Health care professionals have a continuing need to be informed of the latest treatment protocols and procedures because of the ongoing innovations in patient care. Continuing education videos created using 3D animation are attractive, interesting and enjoyable to watch. Interactive training programs are possible that allow the viewer to change the playback of the video, zoom in on details of interest, get more information about specifics that are shown, and proceed through the learning materials at their own pace.

Sales Presentations: Animated Sales Videos

Animated sales videos in 3D can be used to create compelling messages. Pharmaceutical companies routinely use 3D medical animations to demonstrate the efficacy of their drugs and show the mechanism of action. These animations are an excellent way to show how medical devices work. Many potential clients prefer to watch 3D animated sales videos when compared to reading sales literature.

The salesperson who visits physicians in their offices, clinics or hospitals can show these animated sales videos via laptop. Everyone who is in pharmaceutical or medical sales knows that clients and physicians are very busy and need clear, succinct information — delivered in an engaging way. Animated sales videos excel in this regard as a medical sales tool.

Prototype Demonstrations: Animated Explainer Videos

Medical animations are extremely useful to demonstrate prototype designs for product innovations, especially the areas that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Cutaways are a very popular way to show the exterior and interior of something, whether it be a part of human anatomy or a medical device.

These 3D animated explainer videos can rotate a device, show it in use from different angles, and zoom in or out on the objects. Since they are made in high definition, the resolution is crystal clear regardless of the scale. Therefore, the same animated explainer videos can be shown on a laptop for a personal demonstration or projected on a huge screen at a conference or convention for viewing by a large audience.

Digital Marketing: Animated Marketing Videos

Digital marketing is enhanced by using animated marketing videos. They can be put on a website or uploaded to video websites, such as YouTube or Vimeo (specializing in HD videos). Links to these animated marketing videos can be promoted on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These animated marketing videos can also serve as television commercials. Pharmaceutical companies are very successful when they use 3D animations that include a company mascot to promote their major consumer brands.

Illustrate products and processes with 3D animations that cannot be seen with the naked eye. They can be used as a tool to help sales reps and pharmaceutical companies improve sales. They are excellent for training and educational purposes. A well-designed animation may serve for multiple purposes.

Reach out to Ghost Productions for a professional consultation on your next medical animation project.

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