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Access Closure Minx Animation showing the molecular level

Case Study: Access Closure Minx Animation

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
January 17, 2014
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CLIENT: Access Closure

MISSION: Access Closure, a leading provider of innovative medical devices, recognized the importance of an engaging and captivating animation to showcase the practical science behind their groundbreaking product. With the intention of using this animation at trade shows and as a sales tool, they sought to create an impactful visual representation that would resonate with their audience. Their previous animation, although informative, lacked the aesthetic quality needed to truly captivate viewers. Moreover, Access Closure had made significant modifications to their device and technique since the creation of the previous animation, and they wanted to highlight these updates in the new presentation.

To meet their requirements, our team embarked on designing an animation that not only effectively explained the intricacies of Access Closure's product but also exuded a visually stunning appeal. We understood the importance of creating an animation that seamlessly combined scientific accuracy with a captivating visual style to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

The first step in achieving this goal was to focus on the visuals of the updated device and the realistic portrayal of anatomy. By collaborating closely with Access Closure's team, we gained a deep understanding of the intricate details of their product and the anatomical context in which it operated. This knowledge allowed us to create visuals that accurately represented the device and its interaction with the human body.

To enhance the visual appeal of the animation, we employed dynamic camera angles that provided a sense of motion and depth. By carefully choreographing the camera movements, we were able to showcase the device's functionality from various perspectives, ensuring that viewers could fully grasp its mechanics and benefits. The use of high contrast lighting further enhanced the overall aesthetics, giving the animation a glossy and wet look that heightened the sense of realism.

With meticulous attention to detail, we meticulously crafted the visual style to achieve the desired effect. By employing a clean and sleek design for the tools, they stood out prominently against the crisp background, making their features easily discernible. The internal shots, which showcased the intricate workings of the device, became a thing of beauty. Combining the rendered footage from Jas Bajric with the creative post effects by Jason Craft, we were able to create visually stunning sequences that brought the device to life in an awe-inspiring manner.

The end result was an animation that not only effectively communicated the practical science behind Access Closure's product but also captured the attention of viewers with its visually appealing presentation. The updated device and procedure were prominently featured, allowing the audience to witness the advancements and improvements made since the previous animation. Access Closure now had a powerful tool at their disposal, one that would leave a lasting impression on trade show attendees and serve as a persuasive sales asset.

The success of this animation project highlighted our team's ability to seamlessly merge scientific accuracy with captivating visuals. By understanding Access Closure's goals, collaborating closely with their team, and leveraging our expertise in animation, we were able to create an animation that exceeded their expectations. Access Closure's product was showcased in all its glory, ensuring that viewers would be captivated by the practical science and visual appeal of their innovative medical device.

COMPLETED: 8/26/2013

BUDGET: $40,000-$50,000

Access Closure: Minx Animation

Access Closure - Mynx - HD

January 17, 2014
Cardinal Health
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