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Medical Animation Case Study: Veritas Health – Epidural Steroid Injection

Medical Animation Case Study: Veritas Health – Epidural Steroid Injection

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
April 1, 2014
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CLIENT: Veritas Health –

MISSION: Produce a brief yet concise 3D animation that explains how an epidural steroid injection helps reduce inflammation of compressed nerves in the lumbar spine.

COMPLETED: 1/28/14

BUDGET: Market Value: $20,000 – $30,000


Ghost Productions, a renowned creative agency specializing in medical visualizations, was commissioned to produce a cutting-edge 3D animation for "Spine Health." The objective was to create an engaging and informative visual representation of the medical procedure known as an epidural steroid injection, which is commonly used to alleviate pain caused by a compressed nerve in the lumbar spine.

To begin the project, the team at Ghost Productions embarked on extensive research to gain a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the lumbar spine, as well as the precise steps involved in an epidural steroid injection. They consulted with medical experts, reviewed relevant literature, and studied real-life case studies to ensure accuracy and authenticity in the final animation.

Utilizing their expertise in medical visualization and animation techniques, Ghost Productions meticulously crafted a visually stunning and scientifically accurate 3D representation of the lumbar spine. The animation showcased the intricate structures of the spine, including vertebrae, intervertebral discs, spinal nerves, and the surrounding soft tissues, with a high level of detail and realism.

The animation then transitioned to illustrate the process of an epidural steroid injection. Ghost Productions skillfully depicted the injection procedure, highlighting the careful placement of the needle into the epidural space surrounding the affected nerve root. This was done using a combination of visually appealing graphics, dynamic camera angles, and fluid movements to effectively convey the step-by-step process.

Throughout the animation, Ghost Productions employed a variety of visual elements to enhance understanding and engagement. They employed labels and annotations to identify key anatomical structures and highlight relevant details. Additionally, they employed motion graphics and special effects to illustrate the mechanisms of action and provide a clear visualization of how the medication from the injection reduces inflammation and alleviates pain.

The overall aesthetic of the animation was carefully designed to strike a balance between realism and accessibility. Ghost Productions ensured that the visuals were engaging and captivating, while still maintaining scientific accuracy. They utilized a vibrant color palette, realistic textures, and lighting effects to create a visually appealing and immersive experience for the viewers.

The final animation created by Ghost Productions for "Spine Health" was a powerful educational tool that effectively conveyed the intricacies of an epidural steroid injection. It provided viewers, including patients and medical professionals, with a comprehensive understanding of the procedure, its benefits, and its potential outcomes. Through their expertise in 3D animation and medical visualization, Ghost Productions successfully translated complex medical concepts into an accessible and visually compelling format, helping to enhance awareness and knowledge about spinal health and treatment options.

Spine Health - Epidural Steroid Injection - HD

January 27, 2014
Veritas Health
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