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Airborne Pathogens In The OR

Airborne Pathogens In The OR

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
December 21, 2017
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Air quality in health care facilities is becoming an increased concern due to airborne pathogens that may include antibiotic-resistant bacteria and highly contagious viruses.

Ghost Productions creates magnificent 3D animations that help explain the complex process of how airborne pathogens, which are invisible to the naked eye, pass from one part of a healthcare facility to another; go from a patient to a healthcare practitioner; or pass from a patient to infect another patient.

Patient Safety in the Operating Room

A key concern for surgical procedures is having a sterile environment for the operating room. Surgical gowns, surfaces, floors, gurneys, medical supplies and surgical instruments all need to be sterilized. A mistake in not following proper sterilization procedures can cause the exposure of a patient, who is being operated on, to life-threatening pathogens.

Ghost Productions 3D medical animations demonstrate the infectious pathways. They clearly show how a contagion can pass from an item, which is not sufficiently sterilized, to a patient who is in an extremely vulnerable position while undergoing surgery.

Another source of contamination comes from a patient undergoing the surgical procedure. Any pathogens emanating from the surgical site are naturally passed to the air in the operating room. The air needs to be thoroughly cleaned during and between surgical procedures to avoid infecting any healthcare professionals and subsequent patients with the pathogens coming from the bodies of the previous ones undergoing surgery.

Additionally, the air can be contaminated with pathogens coming from the general healthcare facility if sufficient efforts are not made to isolate the operating room from air coming in that contains pathogens.

Infection Control in the Operating Room

Because the pathogens are not visible, 3D animation can show the potential transmission pathways, which can be thwarted by advanced safety procedures. These animations are an excellent resource for healthcare facilities. They can use them as training aids to explain the complex procedures necessary to manage the risks of infection control in an operating room.

Operating Room Air Quality

One useful method to protect operating rooms is to create a slightly higher air pressure that is stronger than the outside environment. The contagious risk is reduced by using air-filtration systems that only work with the air that is directly involved inside the operating room. This technique prevents outside air from coming into the surgery area because the natural barricade of higher air pressure prevents any air from entering through leaks or vents.

Ghost Productions has expert experience in showing these processes with 3D animations that are useful for healthcare facility operations. These 3D animations are also helpful for understanding new facility construction designs that improve the air quality of the operating rooms.

Defeating Pathogens With Aerobiotix T1 Air-Disinfectant Technology

This 3D animation produced by Ghost Productions shows the Aerobiotix T1 air-disinfectant technology. It is a great example of how 3D animation is used to explain complex problems. It demonstrates the technological solutions that are useful when managing them. This is an educational, marketing and training tool of the highest caliber.

Concepts that are well demonstrated in this 3D animation are the benefits of physically capturing pathogens by using a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system in the operating room. The portability of the equipment and its quality construction are also shown in a positive light.

Instead of trying to kill pathogens with a chemical or biological agent, a physical filtration system for the air in an operating room prevents the pathogens from seriously contaminating the sterile environment. The advantage of this is that a physical filtration system does not create resistant strains arising from the few pathogens that survive treatments with biological or chemical agents.

Operating Room Safety

Operating room safety comes from using systems such as the Aerobiotix T1 air-disinfectant technology and other advanced procedures to reduce risk. 3D animations from Ghost Productions show how these systems work. These 3D animations also offer an educational component that helps healthcare professionals understand their important involvement in the process.

Consult with Ghost Productions if your organization works with the development, sales, and/or installation of air-quality systems for operating rooms or related devices. Ghost Productions will make an excellent product presentation using 3D animation.

Moreover, Ghost Productions is ready to help create a comprehensive training program, using high-quality 3D animation, which can serve as an interactive training tool for healthcare professionals in order to reduce the risk of airborne pathogens in operating rooms and save lives.


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January 17, 2014
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