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eCential Robotics at NASS 2023

eCential Robotics at NASS 2023

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November 1, 2023
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In the ever-evolving world of healthcare and medical technology, staying up-to-date with the latest innovations is crucial. The North American Spine Society (NASS) 2023 conference, held in Los Angeles, California, brought together medical professionals, device manufacturers, and innovators to discuss the most pressing issues in spine surgery. One of the standout interviews at the event was conducted by, a renowned Med-Tech Innovation Report and journalism company sponsored by Ghost Productions Inc. They had the privilege of interviewing Daniel James, a Clinical Application Specialist at eCential Robotics, a company that aims to revolutionize the field of bone surgery with their groundbreaking robotic surgical assistant.

The Rise of eCential Robotics

eCential Robotics is dedicated to crafting, industrializing, and promoting an open, unified, and scalable robotic surgery solution. Their ambition is grand: to establish themselves as the standard for operating rooms in the realm of bone surgery. Their innovative platform seamlessly integrates 2D/3D imaging, real-time navigation, and robotics, rendering it compatible with all implant manufacturers. This empowers surgeons with the freedom to select the most suitable procedures and implants for each patient, devoid of constraints tied to specific systems or manufacturers. eCential Robotics has already achieved remarkable milestones, boasting a workforce of 130 employees, 2000 surgeries performed, and 100 patents secured.

Highlights from the InterviewIn the interview conducted by, Daniel James, a Clinical Application Specialist at eCential Robotics, shared valuable insights into their groundbreaking surgical assistant robot. Here are some key takeaways from the interview:

Collaboration with Spine Implant Companies

eCential Robotics has forged partnerships with spine implant companies such as Spine Wave, Spine Art, and Choice Spine.This collaboration facilitates the utilization of diverse spine implants, as these implant manufacturers are adapting their instruments to be compatible with the eCential Robotics platform.

Seamless Workflow

The eCential Robotics platform offers a truly open system that streamlines the surgical workflow.The registration process is straightforward, and following a 2D/3D scan, the system is ready for use.

Motion Compensation

The system compensates for patient breathing or any instrumentation pressure on the anatomy, ensuring precision and accuracy throughout the procedure.This motion compensation technology eliminates the necessity to pause patient respiration during a scan.

Training and Customization

Surgeons interested in adopting the eCential Robotics system undergo comprehensive training, including hands-on cadaver labs.The platform is open to customization, enabling surgeons to create their own applications or apps tailored to their specific surgical requirements.

Future Expansion

eCential Robotics envisions expanding its collaborations with implant companies in the coming years, broadening the accessibility of its open platform to a wider spectrum of surgeons and specialties.

The Future of Spine Surgery

As emphasized by Daniel James, eCential Robotics stands as a trailblazer in the domain of surgical robotics, especially in the context of spine surgery. Their open platform approach and commitment to cooperation with implant manufacturers promise to introduce greater flexibility and efficiency into the operating room. Surgeons can anticipate faster procedures, enhanced precision, and a more streamlined surgical workflow. Patients are poised to benefit from reduced surgical durations and heightened accuracy.

In summary, eCential Robotics occupies the forefront of innovation in the field of spine surgery, and their interview with at NASS 2023 offered a glimpse into the future of bone surgery. With their open and adaptable robotic surgical assistant, they are positioned to exert a profound influence on the realm of healthcare, ultimately bringing advantages to both surgeons and patients. Stay tuned for further developments from eCential Robotics as they continue to reshape the landscape of surgical technology."

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November 1, 2023
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