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How VR Training Is Changing The Way Medical Professionals Are Getting Their Training During COVID-19

How VR Training Is Changing During COVID-19

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
November 27, 2020
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COVID-19 has changed the way training is issued in the medical industry. With the need to reduce the number of people in the operating room, medical sales reps are finding they need a completely different approach to surgical demonstrations and procedural training.

How can VR be used for training?

Virtual reality (VR) technology helps to remove the barriers imposed by COVID-19 restrictions and pressures. It enables clinicians to immerse themselves in a range of real-world scenarios without traveling or risking their health.

VR Technology can be used to:

  • Connect via remote telepresence with a sales rep for a hands-on demonstration and live training session
  • Demonstrate almost any medical device or clinical scenario
  • Provide medical and surgical skill training
  • Enable clinicians to test new techniques, devices, and technology
  • Build skills with an entire surgical team with networked simulation-based training
  • Provide students with the ideal pathology to witness and practice surgical procedures without risking a real-life patient

VR surgical simulation training helps medical professionals refine their skills and has been proven to reduce physician errors, improve surgeon speed, and increase surgical staff efficiency. The more opportunities a surgeon has to experience your devices and become familiar with the procedure, the more likely they are to use your products. VR makes surgical delivering demonstrations as easy as overnighting a headset to a potential customer.

Just a few examples of virtual reality scenarios include the simulation of a diagnostic imaging determination, surgical procedures, the treatment of a COVID-19 patient, or a forensic examination. Simulations can be remotely monitored and scored, adapting to the reaction of the person undergoing the training, making them a measurable information gathering application for eLearning and LMS integration. They also provide a risk-free environment to try new medical technologies and surgical techniques.

What are the benefits of using VR training during a pandemic?

Traditionally, a lot of medical training has utilized cadavers, artificial anatomy models, and most often, real patients. With new regulations to ensure social distancing, it isn’t as easy as it used to be to schedule in-person training.

The benefits of using VR for training during a pandemic include:

  • The opportunity to socially distance while still learning
  • During COVID-19, capacity is limited, but with VR, you can train more people at the same time with fully immersive self-training programs and monitor comprehension remotely as well as perform live training remotely using virtual telepresence.
  • Technology can be utilized to recruit and train more doctors and nurses regardless of geographic challenges
  • Provide highly functional simulation-based training of new techniques and technology  in a risk-free environment

With additional stress on the healthcare system and the call to retrain nurses and doctors returning to practice, VR provides the opportunity to reskill people quickly and effectively.

Start a project with Ghost Productions.

Implementing new technology in a healthcare environment can be overwhelming. Ghost Productions is here to help. We work with you to create compelling, educational, and engaging VR simulations that are relevant to your workforce. Our experts can build a VR simulation to demonstrate surgical tools, medical devices, or teach surgical procedures while keeping your staff safely distanced during the pandemic. Not sure where to start? Why not contact Ghost Productions today by filling in our online contact form and we will guide you through the process.

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