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How Your Business Or Medical Practice Can Benefit From Medical Animation

How Your Business Or Medical Practice Can Benefit From Medical Animation

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
June 7, 2018
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Many businesses and disciplines benefit from the use of visual aids. Medicine, in particular, benefits from medical illustrations and custom-made animations to enhance communication and facilitate learning. Visual media — illustrations, animations and videos — are crucial tools for educational and marketing purposes alike. Of course, there are many ways to convey challenging information. But to underscore a point, clarify a complex subject, or emphasize a technical concept, there’s simply nothing better than a visual image.

Advantages of 3D Animation

Advances in computer processing power and memory capacity have vastly expanded animators’ ability to deliver stunningly detailed, lifelike 3D medical animations. Medical animation has become an indispensable tool, used not only for medical student edification, but also for animated explainer videos and sophisticated marketing efforts.

Today’s 3D medical animations use cutting-edge 3D computer graphics to convey physiological, surgical and other topics with stunning clarity and remarkable detail. These dynamic animations are a step ahead of 2D medical animations — which use a series of drawings that give the illusion of movement from only one perspective at a time. Instead, lifelike 3D animations

can quickly convey complex, often-challenging information from any chosen viewpoint. What’s more, in contrast to live video of actual procedures, 3D animations can be used to relay important information simply, elegantly and memorably — without making non-medical personnel (patients, prospective clients, investors, etc.) uncomfortable.

Many people have difficulty watching live-action videos of procedures such as cardiothoracic surgeries. Animations can demonstrate relevant information, making the content more palatable to the public. Animations can also venture where the human eye often cannot, delving deep into microscopic realms to convey information on a microscopic scale, as needed. Animations offer the option to render events in slow motion, or enhanced detail, compared to what’s achievable with live video. The potential to add explanatory text and graphics further enhances the effectiveness and utility of medical animation.

Keeping Up With the Times

Information overload is today’s new challenge. Our fast-paced world has clearly benefitted from the digital revolution. However, universal access to virtually unlimited information also threatens to overwhelm our ability to process new information. Standing out from the static of the constant multimedia barrage requires a carefully targeted, tailored approach. People — patients, students, professionals and potential clients — increasingly expect information to be delivered in neatly packaged, succinct, digestible chunks. Medical animation excels at achieving precisely that.

We Can Help

There’s an axiom that most people browsing for information on the web will spend relatively little time reading text. In response, content providers have responded by attempting to communicate more with fewer words.

The web excels at presenting multimedia content — so text is now often accompanied by visual information — whether it’s still photographs, short videos, basic graphics or sophisticated 3D animations. As such, animation applications are becoming indispensable to marketers and educators alike. To remain competitive in this atmosphere of rapid access to information, it’s important to have the best possible content, rendered professionally.

We encourage you to consider Ghost Productions for your medical 3D animation needs. Contact us and let us explain the myriad benefits of 3D animation — whether your goal is patient education, medical student training, or marketing enhanced by beautifully rendered, full-color 3D animations that can help demonstrate your medical device, product or procedure.

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