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VR Trends In The Healthcare Industry

VR Trends In The Healthcare Industry

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
January 13, 2021
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It is downright fascinating how VR trends in the healthcare industry have the potential to completely upheave the industry as we know it. The possibilities are literally endless. And, by combining VR with other innovative technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and quantum computing, the potential for innovation shows no signs of slowing down.

VR is Quickly Becoming More Powerful & Mobile

Just as we watched the evolution of the telephone go from being a clunky object that was limited in its mobility to smartphones that serve multiple purposes, VR is rapidly advancing to be faster, cheaper, more compact, and more powerful. As a result, accessibility to VR programs and hardware is growing to expand the technology to multiple industries.

VR Trends in 2020 for Medical Training

Virtual Reality can transport you inside the human body – to access & view areas that otherwise would be impossible to reach. Because of this, medical professionals can be trained faster and with greater accuracy. Performing surgeries in VR environments give surgeons much-needed practice in an environment that simulates real-life scenarios before operating on real patients.

VR & AI Creating “Digital Twins”

The idea behind creating “digital twins” is to allow healthcare professionals and patients to experiment with various treatment or wellness plans, medications, vaccines, etc., and see how they can affect the person over a longer period of time before starting them in real life. For example, by inputting the parameters of a specific diet plan, a patient can see the possible future results it will have on their body before they even start it.

How VR is Shaping Medical Marketing

Virtual Reality also presents an opportunity to reach out to people in targeted ways that have never been possible before. VR trends show significant promise for healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies to increase disease awareness and treatment options in new ways. It will make disseminating information in near real-time much easier which will lead to less confusion and a greater understanding of a patient’s needs.

It can also be the ultimate sales tool. A VR sales kit can provide instant access to a fully immersive demonstration for all your products. Wraith-VR by Ghost Productions gives medical sales rep the ability to show any medical instrument or surgical device in a standalone, lightweight VR headset stimulating a surgical procedure in less than a minute.

VR Trends in 2020 for Life Sciences

Soon, the days of taking a physical trip to your therapist’s office may be a thing of the past. VR can bring care providers into direct contact with patients for their therapy sessions. Turning the sessions into a game (or gamification) help patients achieve faster results while increasing their enjoyment of the process. If a patient enjoys therapy, they are much more likely to more closely follow recommendations and stick with it through completion.

Tracking COVID-19 Social Distancing

COVID-19 has certainly opened the world’s eyes to the importance of being prepared for serious disruptions in every industry. Building on a new preparedness plan for this and the inevitable future pandemics, VR can help people monitor their social distancing practices, directly connect patients with health care providers, and help officials track outbreaks in real-time.

Given all of these phenomenal uses for Virtual Reality, there is more than likely some way your business can take advantage of VR trends and boost your resilience to stay ahead of the competition. Take a lead in your field and bring your clients the highest quality care by recognizing the vast potential of incorporating emerging technology.

Ghost Productions is the leader in medical animations and Virtual Reality applications. We have years of expertise in both the medical and technology fields, culminating to bring you the best solutions that fit your needs and your budget.

We invite you to reach out to us today to discuss your project ideas and see why Ghost Productions is the most trusted name for medical animations and VR.

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