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Ilion Medical's NeuroSafe® Approach to SI Joint Fusion - NASS 2023

Ilion Medical's NeuroSafe® Approach to SI Joint Fusion - NASS 2023 Interview

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November 30, 2023
View Table of Contents, a leading Med-Tech Innovation Report and journalism company, recently had the privilege of interviewing John Stark, the founder of Ilion Medical Inc., during the North American Spine Society (NASS) 2023 conference in Los Angeles, California. Ilion Medical is a pioneering company committed to providing a safe surgical solution for sacroiliac joint (SIJ) disorders, and their patented NeuroSafe® approach has the potential to transform the lives of millions worldwide. This interview shed light on the groundbreaking innovation in the field of spine surgery and the journey that led to Ilion's FDA clearance and CE certification.

Understanding the Sacroiliac Joint

To appreciate Ilion Medical's revolutionary approach, it's essential to understand the sacroiliac joint itself. Traditionally, this joint was often overlooked in favor of focusing on other spinal issues. The sacroiliac joint is located between the pelvic bone and the spinal bone, and its unique role involves absorbing shock and enabling movement. However, its deep location within the body made it challenging to diagnose and treat.

Dr. Stark recognized the clinical need for a safe SIJ solution after observing patients with atypical pain patterns following lumbar spine surgery. These patients often experienced severe discomfort, especially while sitting, and their symptoms did not align with typical lumbar spine issues. Dr. Stark's theory was that the sacroiliac joint was the underlying problem, and this realization marked the beginning of Ilion Medical's journey to find a solution.

The Problem with Sacroiliac Joint Surgery

Sacroiliac joint surgery presented several challenges. The joint's complex anatomy, location, and proximity to vital neurovascular structures made traditional approaches risky. In the past, some surgeons attempted to fix the SIJ by using techniques similar to those used in trauma surgery, such as inserting screws. However, this approach often failed because the SIJ doesn't heal the same way as other bones, leading to complications and pain.

Ilion Medical's Innovative Approach

Dr. Stark's innovative approach to sacroiliac joint surgery involves a minimally invasive technique that prioritizes patient safety. This method utilizes radiological landmarks to create a small incision in the middle of the lower back. Through a series of carefully executed steps, a channel is created, allowing for the insertion of Ilion's NADIA® implant.

The NADIA® implant is a threaded titanium cage designed to remain safely within the bone. What sets it apart from previous methods is its ability to avoid crossing nearby neurovascular anatomy. By restoring the sacroiliac joint's natural anatomy and stability, Ilion Medical's procedure aims to provide pain relief and improve the quality of life for patients.

The Path to FDA Clearance

Achieving FDA clearance for their innovative approach was not a straightforward process for Ilion Medical. It required multiple applications and an unwavering commitment to explaining the importance of restoring anatomy rather than relying solely on compression techniques. Ultimately, their dedication paid off, and they received FDA clearance, further validating the safety and efficacy of their method.

Reception and the Future

While some competing methods with lateral approaches gained earlier FDA approval, the medical community is increasingly recognizing the potential complications associated with these methods. Dr. Stark believes that as more surgeons and healthcare professionals become aware of Ilion Medical's approach, they will be receptive to its benefits.


Ilion Medical's journey to revolutionize sacroiliac joint surgery is a testament to the importance of innovation and patient-focused solutions in the field of medicine. By prioritizing patient safety, restoring anatomy, and gaining FDA clearance, Ilion Medical has opened new possibilities for addressing SIJ disorders. Their story serves as an inspiring example of how perseverance and a commitment to excellence can lead to groundbreaking advances in healthcare. As the medical community continues to evolve, Ilion Medical's NeuroSafe® approach offers hope for those suffering from sacroiliac joint issues.

Sacroiliac Joint Fusion with Ilion Medical's NADIA® implant | NASS 2023 Interview | DocTech.LIVE

November 30, 2023
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