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Medical Messaging and E-Learning with 3D Interactive Media

Medical Messaging and E-Learning with 3D Interactive Media

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
December 29, 2017
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What is Medical E-Learning?

E-learning for healthcare makes use of interactive 3-D animation to show medical complexities in an easy-to-understand way. E-learning media offers many benefits for medical practices and healthcare organizations. E-learning media has evolved to be one of the best ways for informing patients and healthcare practitioners. Because of this, it is being used in all parts of the medical realm and in the healthcare industry. Here’s how:

E-Learning Enhances Patient Care

Patients are becoming more actively involved in their own healthcare. Many medical conditions can be improved when patients make changes in their lifestyle, such as dietary adjustments and exercise routines.

When patients undergo a procedure, they need guidance about how to prepare, what the procedure will be like, and how to participate in the best ways with good follow-up care. Medical e-learning is a valuable way for patients to learn about these issues. E-learning tools are popular because patients can review the materials at their own pace.

E-Learning as Continuing Education for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare practitioners have the constant need for continuing education to learn about new treatments and protocols. E-learning is more effective than traditional learning because it is not time or location dependent. What’s more, it makes use of rich media that blends audio, visuals and text in interesting ways to create a more compelling learning experience.

E-Learning Is Portable

E-learning medicine instructions and information can be viewed in the doctor’s office or at the hospital, taken home on portable media such as on a DVD, and/or viewed online. This provides the convenience that accommodates a very busy schedule. Healthcare professionals and patients are able to access the e-learning materials from anywhere via any mobile device.

What are the Benefits of Medical E-Learning?

Some beneficial examples of healthcare e-learning include the following:

Explanations of how drugs work

3-D animation is used by pharmaceutical companies to show the mechanism of action for their drugs. These beautiful animations show details that cannot be seen with the naked eye. These animations are useful tools to teach healthcare practitioners about the pharmaceuticals in order to give them a better understanding of how these drugs can be used for patient care.

Demonstrations of medical devices

E-learning is an effective way to teach healthcare practitioners and patients about new medical devices. Surgeons can see how to perform procedures, and patients can see how the doctor will implant a device. These demonstrations are used effectively for showing joint replacement, heart surgery and valve repairs, and thousands of other medical device applications.

Reference library

An e-learning system provides a permanent database of materials that can be reviewed as often as desired. The materials can be searched to find answers to specific questions. This resource is helpful for training and becomes increasingly valuable over time as more items are created and made available. If information changes, it can be updated to stay current. Having materials available for new employees in an e-learning reference library is a cost-efficient way to introduce policies and procedures to new hires.

Investment in e-learning systems provides significant benefits for healthcare organizations. A high level of training quality for the professional staff can be maintained. E-learning systems improve patient care and provide better levels of informed consent.


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