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What is a 3D Medical Animation? a hand animation still shows medical device implants.

What is a 3D Medical Animation Anyway?

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
February 12, 2021
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One of the most challenging things in the medical field is communicating the full scope of a particular issue, from the findings of a breakthrough trial to the full potential of a new medical device, medication, or even just learning about the complexities of the human body.

3D medical animations are an effective way to help medical professionals, students, and even the general audience gain a better understanding of these issues by giving them a complete video view of the matter at hand, as opposed to just relying on illustrations and words.

What Can 3D Medical Animation Be Used for?

3D medical animations come in the form of video content that can be displayed anywhere from a classroom screen to a mobile device. Customizing an animation is an effective way for companies in the medical field to communicate their findings and results, which in turn can help support their overall business goals: increasing brand awareness, attracting new investors, improving ROI, conveying complex information to patients, etc.

There are many applications for 3D medical animations, and the team of artists at Ghost Productions specializes in creating high-quality video content for:

The Benefits of 3D Medical Animations

A 3D medical animation offers a 360-degree view of the matters you want to present, such as how to use a medical device or the full effects of treatment on the human body. These types of videos can help medical institutions, researchers, and other players in the medical realm communicate better, and even extend their reach.

Here are some major benefits of 3D medical animations:

Improved student/doctor learning

students and doctors can visualize complex procedures right from the theoretical stage of the learning process, which greatly improves their understanding of their procedures and prepares them further for real-life scenarios. Additionally, even complex theory can be easily depicted in a 3D medical animation to offer students an enhanced learning experience. Students may also come with greatly different learning styles, which cannot always be accounted for. Integrating these videos as a support ensures that all medical students are able to understand the concepts and theories in front of them, regardless of learning style differences.

Better marketing results

if you have a medical device you have just created, a depiction of that device’s effects and benefits through an engaging 3D animation video could greatly help your marketing efforts. Such videos can be tailor to meet the different requirements of the means of communication, such as TV ads, social media posts, web applications, etc.

Attracting more investors

investors do not always possess the necessary medical knowledge to fully understand the medical device or treatment presented to them, which can create a bit of a challenge when a company tries to explain why they should invest in a product. Through a 3D medical animation, however, investors gain a full understanding of the product at hand, as the video bridges any knowledge gaps. These videos can be created with different audiences in mind, based on the target’s know-how of medical concepts.

Contact Ghost Productions to Start Your 3D Medical Animation Project

If you are looking for a team to showcase your medical device or other medical product in a 3D medical animation, Ghost Productions would be happy to help.

Our artists specialize in creating videos for a variety of medical fields and can accurately depict your product in an engaging video, tailored to your business goals. Get in touch with Ghost Productions now to start a project!

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