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Orthobond Corporation's Antimicrobial Technology Unveiled at NASS 2023

Orthobond Corporation's Antimicrobial Technology Unveiled at NASS 2023

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December 14, 2023
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In the bustling medical technology landscape, innovation is the key to improving patient care and safety. At the North American Spine Society (NASS) 2023 conference in Los Angeles, one company stood out with groundbreaking antimicrobial technology that promises to revolutionize the healthcare industry., a leading Med-Tech Innovation Report and journalist company, had the privilege of interviewing Jordan Katz, Vice President of Research & Development at Orthobond Corporation, to uncover the exciting details behind their game-changing technology.

Orthobond Corporation's Remarkable Journey

Orthobond Corporation is a material science company that has spent over a decade developing a proprietary antimicrobial surface known as OstaGUARD. This remarkable technology has the potential to transform patient care by preventing infections caused by bacteria, viruses, and fungi on various surfaces, including medical devices.

The company's origins trace back to a conversation between a physiatrist from HSS and a chemist at Princeton University. They identified the need for improved biomaterials with enhanced bone integration properties. The initial focus was on creating a bone-friendly surface, but the journey took a pivotal turn towards antimicrobial technology.

The Science Behind OstaGUARD

OstaGUARD is not just another antimicrobial solution; it's a mechanical marvel. Orthobond's team of chemists and chemical engineers applies covalent permanent chemistry to the oxide layer of surfaces, adding a mere millionth of an inch of organic chemistry. This modification effectively changes the behavior of metal alloys and introduces a high density of positive charge to the surface.

Bacteria, which typically have a net negative charge, are irresistibly drawn to these positively charged surfaces. Once in close proximity, multiple mechanical mechanisms of action kick in, effectively rupturing the bacteria cell membrane. This innovative approach results in rapid, broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity while mitigating the risk of bacterial resistance, a common concern in medical devices.

OstaGUARD's Impact on Medical Devices

The significance of Orthobond's technology lies in its potential to eliminate contamination during surgery, from the moment the package is opened until the wound is closed. Numerous studies have shown that most contamination occurs during surgery, primarily through aerosol particles, contamination from surgical gloves, and contact with the patient's skin.

Reducing or eliminating this contamination can significantly improve patient outcomes and reduce the risk of device-related infections. Orthobond's technology aims to create clean wound sites, enhancing the chances of successful healing.

FDA Clearance and Beyond

Orthobond Corporation is currently in the middle of the FDA review process for two technologies, including a pedicle screw system. Their partnership with leading industry players underscores the potential of OstaGUARD to make a substantial impact on orthopedic and medical device markets.

The company's journey, which spans a decade of research and development, is nearing its fruition as they present their groundbreaking technology to the world. As David Nichols, Orthobond's CEO, emphasizes, "Orthobond's technology creates a covalently bound nanosurface that is designed to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi, yet is safe for human contact."

Expanding Horizons

While Orthobond initially focused on spine applications due to the pressing need for improved antimicrobial surfaces in the field, the company envisions broader applications. Their innovative technology has the potential to address bacterial contamination challenges across various medical disciplines, from cardiovascular and dental to neurostimulation and plastic surgery.

As the company continues to expand its presence in the medical technology space, we can expect to see their antimicrobial nanosurfaces making a significant difference in healthcare, offering safer and more effective solutions to protect patients and improve outcomes.


In conclusion, Orthobond Corporation's interview with at NASS 2023 showcased a remarkable journey of innovation, highlighting their groundbreaking OstaGUARD technology and its potential to transform the healthcare landscape. With their commitment to patient safety and a vision for expanding their reach, Orthobond is poised to make a profound impact on the medical device industry and beyond.

Orthobond Corporation Interview at NASS 2023 | DocTech.LIVE

December 14, 2023
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