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Revolutionizing Surgery through Augmented Reality: VisAR at NASS 2023

Revolutionizing Surgery through Augmented Reality: VisAR at NASS 2023

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November 9, 2023
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In the dynamic world of healthcare technology, innovation often commands the spotlight at major medical conferences. The North American Spine Society (NASS) 2023, held in Los Angeles, California, was no exception. During this prestigious event,, a prominent Med-Tech Innovation Report and journalism company sponsored by Ghost Productions Inc., had the honor of conducting an interview with David Grandpre, a representative of VisAR, an Augmented Reality Surgical Navigation company. VisAR's pioneering technology has been making a significant impact in the medical field, offering a transformative solution to enhance surgical precision and guidance.

VisAR: Pioneering Surgical Navigation

VisAR's mission is to transform surgical navigation by providing a precise and immersive experience for medical professionals. As explained by David Grandpre during the interview, VisAR employs cutting-edge technology to elevate surgical procedures by overlaying 2D or 3D images onto the patient's body. This innovation serves as a surgical GPS, furnishing a roadmap to assist surgeons in navigating intricate procedures, much like a navigation system in an automobile.

Key Features of VisAR

Navigational Views and Integrated Targeting System

VisAR offers multiple navigational views and an integrated targeting system to support surgeons in meticulously planning and executing procedures.

Exceptional Instrument Tracking Precision

The technology boasts an extraordinary instrument tracking accuracy, with a remarkable precision of +/- 1mm.

Real-time 3D Reconstruction and Segmentation

VisAR provides real-time 3D reconstruction and segmentation, enabling surgeons to visualize the patient's anatomy in unprecedented detail.

Pre-operative Planning

Surgeons can strategize procedures in advance or in real-time, facilitating informed decision-making during surgery.

Intraoperative Immersive Viewing

The technology delivers an immersive intraoperative experience through augmented reality, affording surgeons a virtual perspective of the patient's anatomy.

Effortless Setup

With a streamlined 2-minute setup in the operating room, VisAR ensures seamless integration into surgeons' workflows.

FDA Clearance

VisAR has obtained clearance from the FDA, underscoring its commitment to meeting rigorous safety and efficacy standards.

Enterprise-wide Integration

VisAR is designed to accommodate all hospital operating rooms, making it a versatile solution for healthcare facilities.

Continuous Registration and Sub-millimeter Accuracy

A standout feature of VisAR is its continuous registration and tracking capability, which adapts to patient movement, maintaining sub-millimeter registration accuracy. This ensures precision throughout the procedure, even if the patient moves during surgery.

The VisAR Experience

During the interview, David Grandpre showcased the VisAR system using Microsoft HoloLens, a groundbreaking application of augmented reality in the medical field. The HoloLens enables surgeons to visualize the patient's anatomy with exceptional clarity and precision.

With the VisAR system, surgeons can meticulously plan procedures, identify needle trajectories, and guide instruments with unparalleled precision. The system provides navigational views, virtual needle representations, and real-time feedback on the surgeon's progress, enhancing safety and reducing the risk of complications.


VisAR's Augmented Reality Surgical Navigation technology signifies a remarkable advancement in surgical precision and guidance. By offering surgeons a real-time, immersive view of the patient's anatomy and instrument placement, VisAR empowers medical professionals to perform complex procedures with heightened accuracy and confidence.

The interview with David Grandpre at NASS 2023 exemplified how VisAR's technology is reshaping the landscape of surgical navigation. As healthcare continues to evolve, innovations like VisAR lead the way in improving patient outcomes and redefining the future of surgery. This transformative technology combines the precision of a robot, the portability of a stethoscope, and the adaptability of human intelligence in the operating room, promising a brighter future for both patients and healthcare professionals."

VisAR: Augmented Reality Navigation Unveiled at NASS 2023

November 9, 2023
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