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How Virtual Reality Solves Medical Device Sales Reps’ Obstacles

How Virtual Reality Solves Medical Device Sales Reps’ Obstacles

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October 30, 2019
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Medical device sales representatives face a variety of challenges when presenting new devices to surgeons. Many medical devices involve complex procedures. If a surgeon does not understand the procedure or finds it difficult to visualize, they are unlikely to select the device. A successful sales rep knows how to use the device properly, explain its benefits and usefulness, and provide adequate support after a sale.

To improve medical device sales, many medical device manufacturers are turning to virtual reality (VR). This emerging technology allows both sales personnel and surgeons to experience immersive, interactive surgical simulations of medical device procedures, gaining experience without the high cost of cadaver training1. When used effectively, simulation-based VR training provides benefits to both the sales reps and the end-user. For the sales reps, it makes it easier to close a deal, and for the surgeons, it reduces human error in the operating room.

VR Allows Sales Reps to Provide Demonstrations

Surgeons may be underwhelmed by products they cannot see. Unlike pamphlets and verbal descriptions, medical animation and virtual reality make the benefits of a medical device easy to visualize and experience firsthand. With VR, sales reps give surgeons a more realistic understanding of how to use the device. At the same time, sales reps can use VR to gain hands-on knowledge of the product.

VR Programs Can Travel With Sales Reps

In the past, surgical virtual reality tools were mostly stationary features at trade shows or permanent installations in medical training centers. This made VR impractical for sales reps, who meet with surgeons in many different locations. Today, VR technology has become more portable.

Sales reps can travel with VR demonstrations and set them up in just a few minutes. Portable headsets like the Oculus Quest2 allow the user to interact with surgical anatomy in real-time. As VR technology continues to improve, sales reps can take their demonstrations almost anywhere, increasing their productivity.

VR Technology Appeals to Many Areas of Medicine

Sales representatives selling devices in a number of specialty areas can use VR to their advantage. Practitioners in orthopedics, dental surgery and neurology already benefit from portable VR surgical programs. Those working in urology and cardiology are in the process of adopting the technology.

VR Simulations Fill Gaps in Education and Training

Only around 30% of general surgery residents3 in the United States are prepared to perform core procedures independently by the time they finish residency training. Evidence suggests that virtual reality training helps surgeons complete more procedure steps correctly. VR tools could present a solution to gaps in surgical education.

Selling complex medical devices to surgeons becomes easier with effective VR training materials. Some simulations can even be employed during live operations, which could help build rapport as in operating rooms.

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Virtual reality benefits both surgeons and the sales representatives who work with them. If you’re interested in using virtual reality for medical device sales, contact us for a free estimate. Ghost Productions specializes in creating high-quality medical animation and interactive media for the health care industry.


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