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Ghost Medical Animation explains Thrombus Retrieval Systems Blog Post

Thrombus Retrieval Systems 3D Animations

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
January 2, 2018
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3D animation is extremely useful regarding thrombus retrieval systems and how a qualified surgeon performs a mechanical thrombectomy using a blood clot removal device. What is described in so many words can be better explained using 3D animation. Read below to learn how 3D animation serves as a powerful tool for surgeons and patients.

Thrombus Retrieval Systems

Take thrombus retrieval as an example. “Thrombus” is the medical term for a blood clot. A blood clot can occur almost anywhere in the body. For example, an injury to the leg, which is common, can cause that part of the body to bleed internally, and for a blood clot to form from the bleeding.

A blood clot, normally, is the body’s self-defense against excessive bleeding. Nobody would survive for long if they started to bleed out, and if a blood clot did not form to stop the bleeding. This is a natural process of the body’s self-defense against excessive bleeding. However, this may cause unpredictable problems.

Let’s say, for example, a blood clot happens in a leg because of a trauma to the leg that causes it to bleed internally. Now, the blood clot is helpful because it stops any further internal bleeding of the leg due to the injury. After that, it becomes potentially harmful. The blood clot can break free of the area where it was doing its best to help stop the blood flow, and then escape through the blood vessels to other areas — where it can do a lot of harm.

A blood clot is supposed to stop bleeding. However, when it arrives at a restricted area, it may become an effective blockage of the blood supply needed for a healthy life.

This is one of the main causes for stroke. A blood clot dislodged from another area travels through the blood stream to arrive in an area that feeds the blood to the brain. Essentially, this blood clot blocks the normal transmission of blood to the brain, producing a stroke.

Help Patients Visualize a Mechanical Thrombectomy via 3D Animation

Now, why did we say that a 3D video for this process was so much easier to understand? Because, we can show these complicated topics in a few seconds using 3D animation. Additionally, the treatment of how to remove these blood clots is amazing and easily shown in 3D animation. With this tool, it is possible to show a blood clot retrieval device utilized in optimized clot retrieval. This can help give a patient supreme confidence as well as the surgeon performing the surgery. Everyone who can see the results of a successful operation will be guided to become effective and create the desired solution.

Imagine how easy this is to show to your clients and practitioners with a 3D animation when compared to the lengthy text description we have just outlined.

Think of these images that can be shown by 3D animation:

  1. A blood clot forms.
  2. It dislodges and breaks free.
  3. It flows through the bloodstream.
  4. It gets caught in an area that can cause harm by blocking blood flow.
  5. The procedure to remove it is fast, effective and useful.
  6. Removal of the blood clot restores normal blood flow to the critical areas where it is needed for the blood to flow, for example, the arteries that supply the brain.

Patients experiencing thrombus complications need to understand the thrombus retrieval systems so they can benefit from a mechanical thrombectomy and have confidence by thoroughly understanding the procedure. As leaders in the field, Ghost Productions 3D animation videos help explain complex medical and surgical processes. We are experts at creating these and other animated cardiology videos. To see how a 3D animation can assist in explaining complex medical procedures, contact Ghost Productions today.

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