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Venture Capital Investments in MedTech Create a Boon in First Quarter of 2014

Venture Capital Investments in MedTech Create a Boon

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
February 9, 2014
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Medical technology companies are developing new technologies at a faster rate than has ever experienced in the past. In the first two months of 2014, Ghost Productions has been approached by more new clients and delivered more project proposals than the company ever has since the company was founded in 1994. Though many of the clients requesting projects are established medtech firms launching new products, there has been a substantial increase in newly funded startups. It would appear as though venture capital firms are funding new medical companies at rates not experienced in well over a decade. Clients are coming in from all over the world with new and innovative products making this an exciting year for everyone who works in healthcare or will need healthcare.

Ghost Productions has shown an increase clients who need marketing and training media produced in many of their established markets such as orthopedic implants and devices, cardiovascular technologies, pharmaceutical applications, urology, and dermatology, but also a substantial increase in many emerging medtech markets.

Telemedicine is now being pursued by many healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies

• Virtual reality surgical training is finally viable due to vast improvements in haptic feedback and photorealistic realtime rendering making it possible to develop applications for surgeon training for medical schools and device manufacturers

• Enhanced cosmetics and non-invasive dermatology market is currently exploding and requests from clients are coming from the U.S. Canada, Europe, and Japan

• Nanotechnology is starting to emerge in many new medical products leading to advancements in everything biocompatibility to sterilizing surgical tools

• Robotic assisted surgery is gaining increased acceptance in orthopedics, urology, and ophthalmology

• Sexual health medicine is launching several new implantable devices providing more effective contraction options and pharmaceutical advancements increasing sexual performance and satisfaction for a massive population of baby-boomers

Another area of significant growth realized by Ghost Productions has been in the increase of clients requiring massive volumes of media. Ghost rang in 2014 by kicking off several projects that require a significant volume of media. Some of these projects will take all year to complete and will result in significantly more hours of finished animation than are produced by any major motion picture studio. It would seem that key players in the medical industry have fully realized the significance of utilizing the best media to promote technologies, train healthcare providers, and educate patients. One thing that that is certain, 2014 will be a year of unprecedented innovation and advancements in medical technology.

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Venture Capital Investments in MedTech Create a Boon in First Quarter of 2014

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