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Why Your MedTech Website Isn't Performing—and How to Fix It

Why Your MedTech Website Isn't Performing—and How to Fix It

Stephan Kuslich
April 22, 2024
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The Ongoing Challenge in the MedTech Website Industry

Recently, a disturbing trend has emerged among our new clients in the medical device and pharmaceutical sectors: many are burdened with websites that perform poorly. This is especially alarming considering the significant investments these companies make in their digital platforms, with the expectation of high performance, optimization, and continuous maintenance. Unfortunately, the substandard condition of these sites often exposes a widespread problem of neglect within the industry. This level of neglect is so severe that it borders on malpractice by the web service agencies paid to maintain these platforms

Recognizing the Problem

Neglectful Specialized Agencies

Marketing directors and industry professionals at MedTech and pharmaceutical companies often entrust their digital presence to specialized agencies. Despite not being experts in web technologies, they rightfully expect their websites to perform reliably and capably. However, every site I have reviewed in the past four years has shown signs of significant neglect. These range from basic compliance and performance failures to poorly executed SEO strategies. Alarmingly, in the most severe cases, I have encountered public-facing websites that were inadvertently made invisible to organic searches due to being improperly indexed—rendering them virtually undiscoverable online.

Our Observations in the Web Marketing Space

In meetings with various website management companies, who have assured our clients of maintaining their sites in prime condition, I have often been astounded by the blatant technical obfuscation these companies deploy to shirk their responsibilities. At Ghost, we confront these excuses head-on. By presenting user logs, we clearly demonstrate the real frequency of the provider's updates and interventions—or lack thereof. We have encountered numerous evasive tactics, from companies attempting to wriggle out of contractual duties to citing labor shortages, or even blaming prior providers despite having been in charge for over a year. Our presence in these meetings quickly puts an end to such subterfuge, ensuring accountability and concrete results.

What a properly functional website should be able to do for you

Search Visibility

Your keywords should appear on the first page of Google for at least one of your key search terms and be the top listing for your company name to maximize Search visibility and drive organic traffic.

Responsive Design

The site should deliver a seamless user experience across both desktop and mobile devices, with responsive design and quick load times.

Data Integration

It should efficiently gather data from potential or existing customers through CTAs or customer satisfaction surveys and automatically integrate this information into your CRM to streamline your sales and marketing processes.

Easy Access to Information

The website should provide straightforward mechanisms for customers to discover information about your products and access support.

Contact Accessibility

It should make it easy for customers to locate your contact information with minimal effort.

Content Management

Your site should feature an easily manageable blog or news feed that allows you to publish and update content regularly, keeping your audience informed and engaged with industry news or company updates."

How to diagnose Your Website's performance

How to diagnose Your Website's performance google pagespeed insights
Ghost Medical's Google Page Speed Insight Scores

Easy-to-Use Diagnostic Tools

Tools like Google PageSpeed Insights are invaluable for evaluating your website’s performance. These tools can help even those without technical expertise understand what's working, what isn't, and why—covering metrics from speed to SEO visibility.

Ensuring Mobile Optimization

With the majority of web traffic now mobile, it's essential that your website is fully optimized for all devices. This not only secures a better user experience but also enhances your site’s search engine rankings, a must in the competitive MedTech and pharmaceutical industries.

Regular Maintenance and Updates

Stay on top of your website's backend maintenance, especially with regards to updating plugins and managing content systems. If you employ a website service company to manage your website for you, you should see them maintaining it at least a little every single week in the user logs.

Automation and CRM Integration

For a sector as dynamic as pharmaceuticals or medical devices, automating the integration of calls-to-action and lead generation forms into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can streamline operations and boost conversions without continual manual oversight.

Legal Compliance and User Trust

ADA compliance and cookie consent

Compliance with Global Standards

Implementing cookie consent pop-ups and adhering to regulations like the GDPR not only helps comply with legal requirements but also fosters trust among users. Transparency in data usage is crucial in industries where credibility is paramount.

ADA Compliance

Ensuring that your website is accessible in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards is not only a legal mandate but also an aspect of corporate responsibility. Non-compliance could lead to significant legal repercussions and damage to your company’s reputation.

Cutting Through Tech Jargon and Mismanagement

Understanding and Managing Tech Speak

Clarify the technical language used by your web services provider. If they are not straightforward, it might be wise to consult with an independent expert who can translate obscure tech terms into actionable information.

Accountability of Your Web Service Provider

Demand accountability from your web service provider. Armed with insights from diagnostic tools, challenge them with specific issues and expected resolutions. Ensure that deadlines are set for measurable improvements.

How Ghost Medical Can Elevate Your Online Presence

At Ghost Medical, we commit to high standards of integrity and accountability. If you're experiencing ongoing issues with your current website management, we provide detailed analyses to identify problems and implement effective solutions. We handle website maintenance, SEO, and content creation with a focus on enhancing site performance to meet the unique needs of the MedTech and pharmaceutical industries.

In the digital age, your website often serves as the initial point of interaction with potential clients and partners. It is essential that it not only functions flawlessly but excels across all fronts. By choosing Ghost Medical, you gain a partner dedicated to ensuring your online presence is as innovative and effective as the technologies and products you offer.

For a partnership that transforms challenges into opportunities, visit Ghost Medical Services.

Stephan Kuslich

- CSO & Founder of Ghost Medical Animation & Immersive Surgical Simulations

Ghost Medical Web Services

April 22, 2024
Ghost Productions Inc.
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