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Zavation's Vision Unveiled at NASS 2023

Zavation's Vision Unveiled at NASS 2023

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October 23, 2023
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The North American Spine Society (NASS) 2023 conference held in Los Angeles, California, brought together a diverse assembly of medical professionals, including surgeons, medical device manufacturers, and marketers. Among the event's highlights was an exclusive interview conducted by with Jeff Mathews, a representative from Zavation. This conversation delved into Zavation's merger with CoreLink and their forward-looking vision for the world of spinal implant technology. In this article, we will delve into the key insights from this enlightening discussion.

The Merger: A Vertically Integrated Powerhouse

Zavation, a medical device company with a mission to lead in spinal solutions, recently merged with CoreLink, another significant player in the field. Jeff Mathews underscored the importance of this merger, explaining, "We've united two manufacturing giants, and our aim is to become the most vertically integrated company in the nation." This strategic merger, intended to streamline operations and broaden their product offerings, positions Zavation to exert a substantial influence in the spinal implant technology domain.

Focus on Surgeons and Patients

Throughout the interview, it was evident that Zavation prioritizes the needs of both surgeons and patients. Mathews emphasized, "Our primary focus is to ensure that we deliver products to surgeons that best serve their patients and their practices." This patient-centric approach underscores their dedication to enhancing the quality of life for individuals undergoing spinal procedures.

Flagship Products: Pioneering Spinal Solutions

Zavation's product lineup showcases a range of innovative solutions, with particular emphasis on corpectomy and expandable cages. The Easy Span Core Link, their flagship product, incorporates cutting-edge lateral technology. Mathews also hinted at their novel modular screw system, designed to provide comprehensive options to surgeons, spanning from open procedures to minimally invasive techniques.

A Glimpse of Innovation: Easy Span Posterior Cage

During the interview, Mathews offered a sneak peek at one of Zavation's flagship products, the Easy Span Posterior Cage. He described it as "extraordinary for our surgeons and our distributors." This posterior cage boasts expanding technology and smoothness, qualities highly valued by surgeons and representatives alike. The product's adaptability and performance exemplify Zavation's commitment to delivering state-of-the-art solutions.

The Future of Zavation

When questioned about the future, Mathews articulated, "We're excited about this. This is a significant opportunity for us, and I believe it's a significant opportunity for the industry." Zavation's plans encompass further product development and synergy between the two merged entities. Their objective is to lead rather than follow, propelled by their unwavering dedication to innovation.

Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Facilities

What distinguishes Zavation is their vertically integrated manufacturing model. Mathews elucidated that they manage every aspect of their products in-house, from raw materials to finished goods, all proudly crafted in the United States. With facilities located in St. Louis, Missouri, and Flowood, Mississippi, they offer surgeons a distinctive chance to witness the entire production process, underlining their commitment to transparency and quality control.

Training for Excellence

Zavation places a strong emphasis on training and education. Claire Strand, their Medical Education Director, oversees rigorous training programs that encompass hands-on experience with products and cadaver labs. By equipping their representatives and distributors with in-depth knowledge, Zavation ensures that the products they offer consistently meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Networking and Collaborative Partnerships

Zavation's dedication to networking with surgeons and aiding them in building their practices sets them apart. They aspire to be an integral part of a surgeon's journey, providing support and instilling confidence in their products and services. This collaborative approach fosters mutual benefit, positively impacting both surgeons and Zavation.

In Conclusion

Zavation's interview at NASS 2023, conducted by, shed light on their ambitious vision for the future of spinal implant technology. Their merger with CoreLink, patient-centric approach, innovative product portfolio, and commitment to education and collaboration position them as a significant player in the medical device industry. As they continue to expand and innovate, Zavation is poised to make a substantial impact on the field of spinal surgery, ultimately enhancing the lives of patients worldwide.

Zavation/CoreLink Merger & the Future of Spinal Implant Technology - at NASS

October 23, 2023
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