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Interactive Media, Website and Mobile VR Application Development

Interactive Media makes it possible to create and distribute immersive presentations to a massive audience. The current best-practice standard is to have interactive medical content that displays properly on any device. The devices used to retrieve content now include computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Ghost Productions is the expert in making interactive medical animation content display properly on any device, as well as engage the viewer with active participation using medical digital media, VR apps, and other mobile medical apps.

Medical Interactive media displayed on an array of different devices

Medical Interactive Media

Medical interactive media refers to the creation of medical digital content meant to convey a certain message while simultaneously engaging the audience. As opposed to regular videos or other digital creations, the audience takes an active role in the consumption of the media, which can allow them to walk away with a better picture of what the healthcare provider is trying to promote, be it a detailed explanation of the patient’s potential health journey in a particular facility, or an awareness video meant for a broad audience.

Why Choose Medical Interactive Media?

The potential benefits of producing interactive videos can be leveraged and applied for various goals the healthcare institution or company has. These videos are created based on the specific guidelines and goals you want to achieve through the video, with a key focus on increasing the level of engagement the viewer has.

Here are some potential applications for medical interactive media:

Virtual Tours

Producing an interactive tour of labs, treatment rooms, and other facilities is one of the most popular uses of this type of content. Healthcare providers can present their facility to investors, prepare students or new staff by providing them with more information about the area they will work with, or even be used as a marketing approach to show potential patients the conditions of their treatment rooms;

Health and Safety Training

Training for issues such as health and safety, or Personal Protective Equipment can require a lot of resources and, at times, it can be challenging for healthcare providers to offer constant training to staff. Medical interactive media aims to support this goal and walk the staff through the different stages of the training;

Patient Experience

People face some anxiety when walking into a healthcare facility, especially one that’s completely new to them. Facilities can create videos that walk patients through the different stages of a usual visit and show them the areas they’ll go through, so they have a better view of what to expect;

Diagnostic Imaging

Interactive annotations can be added to diagnostic imagery to ease the sharing of information. Both text and voice annotations may be added to allow disseminating the information even to individuals with reading barriers;

Medical Vocabulary

Training new staff on medical vocabulary is done much faster through interactive imagery, as it allows students or new employees to immediately associate the word with the object or action;

Educational Interactive Videos

This application boosts the learning experience by providing better visual cues for even more complex biomedical notions. It can be especially useful in helping students to see the notions they learn applied in a context that better mimics real life;

Physicians and First Responders Training

To a certain extent, medical interactive media can be integrated into physicians and first responders training, particularly in moments where in-person training is not possible, or for lessons that are more theoretical;

Public Health Campaigns

providers often have a difficult time raising awareness of public health matters in simple and engaging ways, particularly regarding matters that the public doesn’t fully understand without additional information or context. But medical interactive media is a cost-effective way to convey even more complicated concepts in one product, and engage the viewer simultaneously.


Medical App Development

App development is a continuously growing sector of the technological industry, and its application in the field of medicine holds a lot of promise. Medical app development is the process of creating an application or piece of software designed to support or improve a particular operation in the industry. What operation is assisted generally depends on the goal of the app itself, such as remote patient monitoring, or facilitating staff training. Start your Virtual Reality app today!

Why Choose Medical App Development

Healthcare app development is designed to facilitate the job of the healthcare workers and the institutions that employ them. The potential benefits of these applications are convincing enough to encourage healthcare providers to invest in the creation of these apps tailored to their specific needs and operations.

Developers from our virtual reality app development company can design and program such an application based on the specific features you’d need to carry out your tasks, whichever they may be. There are several different types of medical apps and can be used for different purposes entirely.

Most healthcare clinics likely already use such applications to streamline logistical processes and ensure the clinic is never lacking the resources it needs to take care of the patients. Staff members can keep a constant eye on stock, even receive notifications when a new order should be placed to renew them, which can remove the risk of a clinic not having the right resources at one point.

But medical app development can go far beyond clinic management:


Clinical Applications

Doctors can instantly access a patient’s full medical history by using the app and take that information into account when recommending treatment and procedures. This leads to fewer mistakes and higher patient satisfaction levels. Communication between department is also greatly improved, as doctors can quickly access test results or scans that are uploaded to the patient file; simultaneously.

Telehealth Applications

Telehealth is a growing component in the health sector, with many consumers interested in the possibilities of accessing good healthcare services at their convenience. Practices can therefore extend their patient pool easily, as well as offer post-op or treatment attention to patients without requiring them to come back to the office;

Medical Referencing Applications

these apps can provide staff and healthcare providers with instant access to accurate industry guidelines and references, empowering staff member to communicate with patients effectively, and take the right decisions in terms of treatment;


Applications can be designed to assist patients throughout their treatment. For example, the patient could receive reminders through the app to take their medication, complete with which type of pill to take at that particular moment. This can help keep patients on track regarding treatment, and prevent mistakes that could affect their health journey, such as accidental overmedication;

Well-Being / Healthy Lifestyle Applications

There are many factors of a patient’s health doctors cannot always track, such as ensuring the patient changes their diet based on the recommended guidelines. Healthcare app development can assist both the patient and physician to remain easily in touch and ensure the patient is implementing these changes.

Interactive Web & Multi-Media

Ghost Productions is no stranger to interactivity. Ghost Productions has always led the way by tightly integrating our advanced animation and graphics with the most innovative, interactive platforms available. Our expert programming teams, working on sophisticated medical website design, give our clients customized solutions to fulfill their specific needs.While we can help you design a new website or add content to an existing site, we are also capable of creating a holistic web strategy that increases the power of your overall web presence.Search engine optimization (SEO) is of primary importance. Even if you have the most beautiful web page on the Internet, it won’t benefit you if no one knows about it. There are SEO strategies that we employ to make your website more likely to be a top-listed entry on search engine results pages (SERPs). Our strategy uses YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Facebook, podcasts, blog media and .edu backlinks to attract the interest of leading search engines with high-quality content that is specific and captures the attention of your target demographic.

Attention-Getting Content

Great content is what we make, and we expand the reach of your content by putting the linking potential of the Internet to work for your company. Our content is what the spiders at major search engines — such as Google, Yahoo and Bing — look for to rank your web pages at the top of SERPs.

Modern Methods of Web Development

We develop websites using HTML-5-compliant code that maximizes compatibility with all new and old devices. This includes desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

All Device Compatibility

Mobile devices have undergone a significant breakthrough in technological advancement since the introduction of the iPad and iPhone. Never before has a single technology platform ever been so widely adopted by the medical industry as the iPad. With its high-resolution display, lengthy battery life and powerful graphics processor, the iPad has an extensive library of medical applications ranging from reviewing CT and MRI images to complex diagnostic tools.


Interactive Content to Try

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Ghost Productions is an award-winning medical media production company that can help you with custom medical animation and marketing services. We offer a wide array of digital representation services that can help anyone in the medical field improve their marketing, support patient communication efforts, or even streamline staff training. Our team is highly trained and has a great understanding of biomedical processes, so they can accurately represent your device or product in a 3D medical animation, or other types of illustrations you may be interested in. Contact Ghost Productions now and tell us more about how we can help you train your surgeons, sell more medical devices, or explain your pharmaceutical product.