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The Catamaran SI Joint Fusion System - Tenon Medical - Animation

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
August 5, 2023


Ghost Medical Animation brings you an exclusive 4K video of the Catamaran SI Joint Fusion System in action. This innovative system by Tenon Medical is redefining surgical approaches to SI joint conditions, promising minimal invasiveness, reduced patient discomfort, and quicker recovery times.

If you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes during groundbreaking surgical procedures, you're in for a treat. Ghost Medical Animation brings you an exclusive 4K video of the Catamaran SI Joint Fusion System in action. This innovative system by Tenon Medical is redefining surgical approaches to SI joint conditions, promising minimal invasiveness, reduced patient discomfort, and quicker recovery times.

The Catamaran Fixation Device

At the heart of the Catamaran system lies the revolutionary Catamaran Fixation Device, constructed from robust titanium. This device takes surgical stability to new heights as it transfixes the SI joint along its longitudinal axis. With its strategic placement through the axial and sagittal planes of the ilium and sacrum, it offers unparalleled support for the fusion process.

The Catamaran system's surgical procedure kicks off with the less invasive Inferior-Posterior approach. This approach ingeniously angles away from critical neural and vascular structures, ensuring utmost patient safety. By granting direct access to the SI joint, surgeons can achieve optimal entry points, streamlining the arthrodesis process.

One of the key features of the Catamaran system is its optimized placement technique. Specifically designed to maximize fixation in the dense cortical bone of the SI joint, particularly the area inferior to the dorsal recess, this system ensures unmatched stability and long-term durability for successful fusion outcomes.

The Catamaran SI Joint Fusion System takes a revolutionary approach by utilizing a single, robust titanium implant that transfixes the SI joint. Acting as a strong anchor, this implant promotes unparalleled stability and facilitates successful fusion. This transformative technology is set to reshape the landscape of orthopedic surgery, offering a game-changing solution for SI joint conditions.

Ghost Medical Animation: Redefining Medical Understanding

Behind this stunning visualization of the Catamaran SI Joint Fusion System stands Ghost Medical Animation, a leading medical animation studio and surgical VR simulation developer. Their mission is to make medicine more accessible and easier to understand. With their expertise in creating high-quality, medically accurate medical graphics, animations, and virtual surgery simulations, they empower surgeons, educate patients, and explain complex medical concepts.

Unmatched Expertise and Resources for Superior Medical Animations

Whether it's marketing a surgical device, educating patients, or explaining the mechanism of action of a pharmaceutical product, Ghost Productions has the unmatched expertise and resources to deliver superior products at competitive prices. Their medical animations can effectively convey complex information in a fraction of the time it takes traditional surgical videos. Their 3D anatomy and physiology representations are second to none, making medical knowledge more comprehensible and engaging for everyone.

In conclusion, the Catamaran SI Joint Fusion System and the remarkable medical animation brought to life by Ghost Medical Animation present a revolutionary step forward in surgical procedures for SI joint conditions. With its minimally invasive techniques and optimized stability, this system promises to transform the lives of patients and the field of orthopedic surgery alike.

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