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Endoscope Animation Case Study: Aesculap MINOP InVent

Endoscope Animation Case Study: Aesculap MINOP InVent

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May 11, 2015
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Project: MINOP InVent Endoscope Marketing Animation for Aesculap, Inc.

MISSION: Produce a dynamic and visually compelling animation to show the flexibility and versatility of the MINOP Endoscope for use in advanced neuroendoscopy for neurosurgery, utilizing multiple ports in an application that will highlight benefits with multiple tooling.

SOLUTION: This project presented a number of challenges for us to rise to. One important detail was for us to draw attention to the unique, large ovoid working channel in the endoscope. We also needed to highlight other features that would be recognized by the neurosurgeon audience. We blended the use of 3d motion graphics and text to follow the key features, draw attention to them, and keep the core audience engaged to show the subsequent benefits.

Exaggeration was used to convey the concept that the endoscope’s large ovoid working channel offers a much greater range of motion for the tooling, and that more than one tool can be used in the same channel. We used the camera angles to hide that we were actually passing through the side of the endoscope’s working channel to help better outline the messaging about the improved mobility. We were careful not to take this too far though, just enough to clearly tell the story but not to visually promise more than is possible. We did this by quantifying the angle of access available with the actual numbers.

A number of special tools were used to model and animate parts of the anatomy in the brain. The choroid plexus, near the colloid cyst being dissected, was built using a Maya nParticle emitted from a bundled spline, then converted to poly’s. The colloid cyst was deflated using nCloth. Special attention to shading helped make this animation really great.

COMPLETED: May, 2014

BUDGET: ≈ $30,000

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Aesculap - MINOP Invent - HD

April 22, 2014
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