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Ruthless Spine's RJB Spinal Navigation bluetooth Device

FDA Grants Approval to Ruthless Spine, Ghost Medical's Visionary Partner

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
July 26, 2023
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Ghost Medical congratulates our trusted partner, Ruthless Spine, on achieving FDA Approval for their RJB Spinal Navigation Device. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for allowing us to visualize your groundbreaking medical device. Your remarkable contribution to the spinal navigation industry fills us with great optimism for its future.

In a groundbreaking achievement, Ruthless Spine has recently obtained FDA approval for their RJB Spinal Navigation Device. This remarkable medical innovation promises to revolutionize spine surgery and bring a new level of efficiency and simplicity to the surgical navigation process. In this blog, we will delve into the key features of the RJB system and explore the impact it is set to have on the spinal navigation industry. Additionally, we will recognize the pivotal role of Ghost Medical, an animation and VR studio, in visually representing how the RJB works through 3D animation.

The RJB: A Game-Changing Spinal Navigational System

 Ruthless Spine has recently obtained FDA approval for their RJB Spinal Navigation Device
Ruthless Spine has obtained FDA approval for their RJB Spinal Navigation Device.

Ruthless Spine's RJB system is poised to transform the way spinal surgeons approach surgical navigation. Traditional techniques often require significant investments in capital, time, and manpower, making them cumbersome and challenging for many medical professionals. However, with the RJB system, these burdens are a thing of the past.

Simplicity and Efficiency

One of the standout features of the RJB system is its simplicity and efficiency. The RJB module is a small, Bluetooth-connected device that seamlessly attaches to any commonly used spinal instrument handle, specifically milled to accept the RJB shape. This streamlined design ensures that the system can be easily integrated into existing surgical workflows without the need for expensive, bulky, and complex custom machinery.

Accurate Visualization for Confident Surgery

The RJB system offers surgeons a precise and real-time visualization of the axial and sagittal trajectory of the instrument shaft directly on their Android or iOS tablet screen. This visualization allows for accurate placement of pedicle screws, aligned with pre-operatively templated orientation. Gone are the days of time-consuming registration and calibration processes, as the RJB system achieves seamless integration with just a 5-second or less pairing via Bluetooth.

A Collaboration with Ghost Medical: Animating the RJB System

 the RJB system achieves seamless integration with just a 5-second or less pairing via Bluetooth.
the RJB system achieves seamless integration with just a 5-second or less pairing via Bluetooth.

To help visualize and communicate the groundbreaking capabilities of the RJB Spinal Navigation Device, Ruthless Spine joined forces with Ghost Medical, an esteemed animation and VR studio. Ghost Medical took on the task of creating immersive 3D animations that showcase the RJB system in action.

With their expertise in medical visualization, Ghost Medical brought the RJB to life through captivating animations, illustrating how the device seamlessly integrates with surgical instruments and the intuitive tablet interface. The animations not only demonstrate the precision of the RJB system but also highlight its unique ability to maintain registration even when the line of sight is obstructed, providing continuous and reliable measurements throughout the surgery.

Embracing a Promising Future

The collaboration between Ruthless Spine and Ghost Medical has resulted in an outstanding visual representation of the RJB Spinal Navigation Device. Surgeons, medical professionals, and patients alike can now better understand the innovative technology that promises to transform spine surgery.


The FDA approval of Ruthless Spine's RJB Spinal Navigation Device marks a significant milestone in the field of spine surgery. This game-changing innovation, brought to life through the collaborative efforts of Ruthless Spine and Ghost Medical, promises to bring newfound simplicity, efficiency, and accuracy to surgical navigation, benefiting both surgeons and patients alike. With the RJB system, spinal surgeons can confidently perform procedures, maintain their surgical flow, and focus on letting their talent shine, ultimately ushering in a brighter future for the spinal navigation industry.

Ghost Medical received the honor to visually represent Ruthless Spine's, Now FDA Approved, RJB Device

July 26, 2023
Ruthless Spine
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