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Make Sure your Medical Device Marketing Delivers, Regardless of Lockdown

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
September 8, 2021
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It is fantastic to see AAOS, NASS and other medical conferences returning to the schedule after the Covid 19 lockdown. Though these medical trade shows have returned to in-person events, nobody can predict how the new Delta Variant might slow the world’s return to normalcy. Uncertainty is a reality.

Regardless of what happens, medical device companies and their sales reps need to demonstrate their products. Sales reps need medical sales tools that deliver product demonstrations regardless of location and Ghost Productions makes medical device tools that function anywhere.

Whether it is in person at a conference, or at a physician’s office or if travel and social proximity become impossible again, these same sales tools also give medical sales reps unparalleled telepresence capabilities for conducting sales remotely, when required.

Virtual Reality Surgical Device Demonstrations

Medically accurate surgical simulations allow your customers to experience your products and perform the entire procedure on a virtual patient, anywhere, anytime.

Learn More: Surgical VR

Animated Surgical Procedures & Support Graphics

Enhance your sales presentation with 3D animated surgical procedures and medical illustrations that can be used on everything from your expo booth, website, mobile device, and print marketing.

Learn More: Medical Animation & Illustrations

Surgical VR – Simulated Surgical Demonstrations

The future has arrived and virtual reality is no longer a sci-fi gimmick but a serious tool for delivering a profoundly powerful interactive surgical device demonstration that rivals a cadaver lab in capability. VR Surgical Simulations offer functional marketing options regardless of potential lockdown restrictions

Public GatheringsSocial Distancing

Use as an in-person marketing tool such as a tradeshow booth attraction, or portable sales kit, and give your customers an exciting hands-on surgical demonstration of your surgical device, tools, and procedure. Learn more about Wraith-VR surgical technique simulators.

Ship VR headsets loaded with remote telepresence enabled versions of your surgical simulations to prospective surgeons and have your sales reps meet with them in a shared virtual operating room where any interaction possible in person can be replicated in virtual reality. Learn more about Wraithmatrix multiplayer surgical simulation with remote telepresence networking.

Surgical VR Features

  • Portable self-contained interactive surgical demonstration
  • Simulates all interactions possible in a real operating room
  • Excellent attraction at your trade show booth
  • Easily shipped to prospective customers
  • Sales reps can meet remotely with surgeons in a virtual operating room
  • Free from logistics challenges and expenses of traditional cadaver labs, training centers, as well as travel and lodging

Surgical Virtual Reality FAQ

Can VR really replace a cadaver lab?

Ultimately how each company prefers to train is up to them, but because VR can simulate anything that is possible in an actual surgery including virtual patients with ideal indications and pathology, most find that VR is superior to most traditional medical training methods.

How do sales reps remotely meet with surgeons using VR?

Because VR headsets are affordable and portable, they can be shipped to prospective surgeons. When the VR headset arrives and is turned on, an email is sent informing the sales rep that a customer is in the virtual OR. The sales rep then puts on their own VR headset and joins the surgeon in the simulation using virtual telepresence. Once joined, they can see each other, talk, hand each other tools, and just about anything else that is possible to do in an actual surgery or training center.

How long will it take to develop a VR simulation for my specific medical device?

A minimum viable product can be developed to the point where it is ready for testing and distribution in as little as 2 months but this can take much longer based on the complexity of the surgical technique, the client’s approval process, and scale of development resources budgeted to work on the project. To find out, just give us a call 651-633-1163.

How can VR be used as a tradeshow booth attraction?

VR is an exciting way to demonstrate medical devices and surgical procedures and requires very little space to function. By featuring a VR demo at your booth, your visitors can actually experience your products for themselves just as if they were in an operating room and everything they see and hear can be streamed live to a display in your booth for others to watch as they wait for their turn to try it for themselves.

Animated Surgical Procedures & Support Graphics

3D Animations provide an anatomically accurate visual explanation of any medical device or surgical technique and rendered medical illustrations add visual clarity to print marketing, websites, and booth graphics.

Public GatheringsSocial Distancing

Print media, handouts, tradeshow booth graphics and multimedia display, interactive kiosk, mobile device sales tools for sales reps, and other traditional forms of media presented in person.

Website sales portals, self-running interactive eLearning programs, online news, research, and video platforms (MedPageToday, Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter, etc), social media marketing campaigns (Doximity, Sermo, MNow , Linkedin, Facebook etc) downloadable training content and patient education materials (WebMD, Practitioner Patient-Facing sites etc.). Videos and support graphics can also be included and presented in Zoom meetings and other collaboration meeting tools.

Medical Animation & Illustration Features

  • Easy to mass distribute via web, email, interactive applications, PDFs, etc.
  • Loopable on large format displays making a highly visible attraction at medical conferences
  • Well designed imagery is highly versatile and can be used on anything from surgical procedure manuals to social marketing campaigns, to billboards.
  • Can be streamed, and posted to an unlimited number of online media aggregators to increase interest and engagement passively
  • Advanced digital media management tools ensures easily updatable content and regional regulatory compliance while tracking allows for engagement analytics

Medical Animation & Illustration FAQ

How long does it take to produce a medical animation?

From kickoff, Ghost Productions can deliver most surgical technique animations in ~8 weeks depending on the client’s preferred review process.

What’s needed to begin production on a surgical animation?

A surgical technique guide or manual is fantastic if one exists, if not, just a clear understanding of the surgical steps and the instrumentation. If CAD files exist for the proprietary implants and tools, that will speed up the first draft considerably.

If the world goes into lockdown again, how will customers see this content?

Digital media is incredibly portable and lends itself well to mass as well as targeted distribution. The delivered media, whether it be animated or illustrations is optimized for every known aggregator, email, messaging application, browser, and social media platform available. The media made by Ghost Productions is high quality content that is easily liked and reposted on the most popular platforms and with reasonable SEO and SEM effort it will be easily found by any search engine your customers may be using.

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