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How to Leverage VR Technology for Virtual Events

How to Leverage VR Technology for Virtual Events

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
December 21, 2020
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Since the arrival of COVID-19, the world has changed rapidly and significantly. Businesses have adapted quickly to various forms of remote working, online meetings, and virtual events. With physical events currently on hold, you now must think outside of the box about virtually hosting your event.

Video conferencing is not always the best solution and can be a barrier to engagement in the event you are hosting. In comparison, virtual reality offers a fun, engaging, and inclusive experience that users can access from their own homes.

How can Virtual Reality be used at Your Virtual Conference?

Virtual reality completely immerses the user in a computer-generated environment. Users can attend and connect from their homes through a virtual reality headset. It ties together a virtual world with a real event experience, significantly enhancing your attendees’ engagement.

Video conferencing can make it difficult for your clients to see your products and demonstrations in detail. Virtual reality brings your products and demonstrations to life, meaning that your clients can really experience and understand them. As the host, virtual reality allows you to create your own environment making the event unique.

What are the Benefits of Leveraging Virtual Reality at an Event?

By embracing a virtual event, you can shorten proceedings, keeping the content relative and user engaged. You can use virtual reality technology to provide immersive e-learning and simulation-based training. It offers in depth product testing, a unique user experience, and other benefits include:

  • Higher audience engagement
  • Enhanced live event experience
  • The ability to utilize the latest technology
  • The ability to use virtual reality for online demonstrations
  • A unique alternative to slide shows and videos
  • The opportunity to use virtual reality for product visualizations
  • Enhance engagement of your clients, leading to increased sales

Virtual conferences are an inclusive environment, opening up the event to people at various locations rather than those who can physically attend. You can use virtual reality technology to be creative, innovative, boost your branding, and wow your audience.

Start a Project with Ghost Productions.

Not sure where to start with using virtual reality at your event? Then why not start a project with Ghost Productions and let us help you. Ghost Productions works exclusively in medicine to provide you with fully immersive medical virtual reality content and feature-rich surgical simulations.

As virtual becomes the new normal, remove the constraints of remote conferencing with virtual reality. We can take your virtual conference to the next level creating an engaging environment for your attendees.

Get your VR Project started today with Ghost Productions!

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