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Uses of Virtual Reality in Cardiology shows a heart with a TAVR procedure replacing a mitral valve for medical training.

Uses of Virtual Reality in Cardiology

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
February 26, 2021
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Virtual reality has come a long way in recent years. Nowadays, you can completely immerse yourself in new, fantasy worlds and escape reality, visit new countries from the comfort of your own home, and even travel back in time thanks to the many applications of the technology.

But the improvement of VR has not just made entertainment better, it has also entered the cardiology field successfully, where it opened a lot of new and exciting opportunities. Through virtual reality technology, doctors, researchers, and others in the medical realm have the unique opportunities to safely explore congenital disease and defects even before the patient is booked for an operation.

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How VR Enhances Surgical Training in Cardiology

The implementation of virtual reality in cardiology removes much of the estimations from the mix.

There are many benefits of using VR in the field of cardiology including:

Easier Move from Theoretical to Practical

Cardiologists and Cardiovascular surgeons can effectively practice the different surgical methods through a VR program, and improve their techniques and understanding of the human hers well before they step into their first operating room. This can also help established surgeons learn how to use new medical equipment or procedures in a safe environment, allowing them to effectively keep up with the changes in their industry.

Inclusion of Visual and Audio to Enhance Learning

VR programs can effectively recreate the look and feel of an operating room, the human body, and the general experience or surgery. This can be incredibly useful for students, as they can become better prepared for the realities of being a surgeon that can’t always be taught from a book. Additionally, this can increase the inclusivity of students with reading disabilities who may have a more difficult time following the written textbooks.

Sizing Medical Device Implants

through VR, you can recreate the patient’s anatomy and effectively assess the correct size of the medical device that should be implanted before surgery. The surgeon can also practice the process of implanting the specific medical device, increasing the chances of a successful operation.

Better Doctor-Patient Communication

heart surgery can be a frightening thing for most people, and much of the cardiologist’s attention will go into ensuring that the patient completely understands their condition, the procedures, and its effects. However, because patients come with different levels of understanding of medical concepts, it can be difficult to cover all tracks through conversations and graphs only. A VR tool could allow the patient to literally see their own heart defect, future procedure, and even road to recovery, saving a lot of time in the process.

Understanding the Patient’s Anatomy

there are a lot of variations regarding anatomy from human to human, and all these differences must be understood fully for the surgeon to successfully navigate the procedures. For especially difficult cases, it’s greatly beneficial to explore the patient’s anatomy before with a VR tool and make the best decisions based on what the surgeons discover.

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August 13, 2021
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