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Kuros Biosciences' MagnetOs & Fibrin-PTHTechnology at NASS 2023

Kuros Biosciences' MagnetOs & Fibrin-PTH Technology at NASS 2023

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December 12, 2023
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The North American Spine Society (NASS) 2023, held in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, brought together some of the brightest minds in spine health and medical technology. Among the participants was Kuros Biosciences, a Swiss-headquartered global innovation company with a mission to revolutionize spinal fusion through superior biologics. In an exclusive interview with, Kuros Biosciences showcased its groundbreaking technology, MagnetOs, and Fibrin-PTH, offering new hope for patients suffering from spinal-related pain. Let's dive into the insights shared by Katherine Sage, an orthopedic surgeon, and Joost DeBruijn, President Innovation & Strategy at Kuros Biosciences, during this enlightening conversation.

Kuros Biosciences: Pioneering the Future of Spinal Fusion

Spinal-related pain is a prevalent issue affecting individuals worldwide, causing significant discomfort and imposing a substantial economic burden on healthcare systems. Kuros Biosciences has taken up the mantle to address this challenge by introducing innovative biologics for more effective spinal fusions.

Their flagship product, MagnetOs, is unlike any other bone graft material on the market. Utilizing NeedleGrip™ surface technology, MagnetOs stimulate bone growth, even in soft tissues, ensuring a more predictable fusion. This revolutionary approach has the potential to significantly reduce the non-union rates associated with spinal fusion surgeries.

Additionally, Kuros Biosciences is pushing the boundaries of innovation with Fibrin-PTH, the first investigational drug-biologic candidate evaluated for spinal fusion. This development has the potential to be a game-changer in the field of spinal health.

Project Fusion: A Global Research Initiative

Recognizing the importance of scientific research, Kuros Biosciences initiated Project Fusion, a comprehensive global research program. This program unites scientific, pre-clinical, and clinical studies to advance our understanding of spinal fusion and improve patient outcomes. With a firm belief in the power of science to ease the burden of spine surgery, Kuros Biosciences is committed to pushing the boundaries of medical knowledge.

NASS 2023: A Crucial Platform for Innovation

NASS 2023, hosted in the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles, proved to be a pivotal event for Kuros Biosciences. This medical conference, dedicated to spine health, provided a unique opportunity for Kuros Biosciences to engage with medical device manufacturers, surgeons, medical marketers, and other stakeholders in the field.

Joost DeBruijn, President Innovation & Strategy at Kuros Biosciences, emphasized the significance of NASS, describing it as the most significant conference in spine surgery worldwide. For a multinational company like Kuros, with headquarters in Switzerland and production facilities in the Netherlands, NASS serves as a crucial platform to showcase their innovations and collaborate with industry leaders.

The Interview: A Glimpse into Kuros Biosciences

The interview conducted by provided an insightful look into Kuros Biosciences' technology and vision. Katherine Sage, an orthopedic surgeon, and Joost DeBruijn, President Innovation & Strategy at Kuros Biosciences, shared key insights into their groundbreaking products and company philosophy.

MagnetOs, Kuros Biosciences' flagship product, was described as a synthetic calcium phosphate with a unique surface topography that stimulates the formation of bone on the material. This surface technology, consisting of submicron-scale crystals, activates macrophages, which, in turn, induce bone growth, creating a remarkable biological response. This innovative approach sets MagnetOs apart from traditional bone graft materials.

Kuros Biosciences has also diversified its product line to cater to surgeons' needs. They offer MagnetOs in various forms, including granules, a putty formulation, and a flex matrix product, enhancing its usability in different clinical scenarios.

Future Prospects and Global Reach

When asked about the potential applications beyond bone growth, Joost DeBruijn noted that while collagen, a component of their flex matrix product, has various applications, Kuros Biosciences remains focused on bone growth. MagnetOs, while versatile, are primarily targeted at spinal fusion, aligning with their presence at NASS.

Kuros Biosciences has a significant global footprint, with CE mark approval in Europe and a presence in Australia. Their commitment to clinical proof, including ongoing clinical studies, sets them apart in the industry.

Competition and Specialization

In a field dominated by giants, Kuros Biosciences stands out due to its specialization in autologous biologics. While competing with companies like SeaSpine, Orthofix, and Medtronic, Kuros Biosciences distinguishes itself through its specialized focus and innovative technology.


Kuros Biosciences' participation in NASS 2023 and the enlightening interview with shed light on their pioneering efforts to revolutionize spinal fusion. Their commitment to science, research, and innovation places them at the forefront of the industry. With MagnetOs and Fibrin-PTH, they offer a glimmer of hope to those suffering from spinal-related pain and a promising future for the field of spinal health. Kuros Biosciences continues to be a beacon of progress in the quest for improved patient outcomes and enhanced spinal fusion techniques.

Kuros Biosciences' MagnetOs & Fibrin-PTHTechnology at NASS 2023

December 12, 2023
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