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Medical Animation Case Study: Aesculap – Quintex and CeSpace Surgical Procedure

Case Study: Aesculap – Quintex and CeSpace Surgical Procedure

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
January 27, 2014
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CLIENT: Aesculap

MISSION: To showcase the Quintex plate and CeSpace device in an elevated, cinematic fashion while keeping the overall look and feel within the same family of existing Aesculap animations (Arcadius and Plasmapore.)

Thanks to our Poltergeist Media Server, we revolutionized our approach to ensuring medical accuracy and enhancing the overall look and feel of our project. By leveraging this powerful server, we were able to efficiently incorporate client feedback throughout the development process. This allowed us to address their concerns promptly and make necessary improvements in a timely manner.

To achieve this, we allocated more resources to the pre-production and directing phases of the project. By investing additional time and effort upfront, we established a solid gameplan for our team to follow. This strategic approach enabled us to streamline the production process and minimize any potential setbacks or missteps along the way.

Our client played a crucial role in the success of this endeavor. They provided timely and specific feedback, which proved instrumental in guiding our creative decisions. To ensure that no comment or suggestion went unnoticed, we employed Review Summaries, which helped us organize and prioritize the implementation of client feedback effectively.

In recognition of our client's collaboration and to foster a strong partnership, we offered Ghost Production rights to showcase the final animation. As part of this arrangement, we went above and beyond the initially allocated hours to dedicate 30% more time for researching and developing enhancements to the visual quality.

This additional time was primarily focused on two key elements that greatly contributed to the overall "coolness" factor of the piece. The first was the Liquid Floor scene, which required meticulous attention to detail to achieve a visually stunning effect. The second was the Bone Growth scene, where we dedicated significant effort to make it visually compelling and realistic.

By investing the extra hours into these crucial components, we aimed to deliver an animation that not only met the medical accuracy standards but also exceeded expectations in terms of visual impact. The client's willingness to grant us Ghost Production rights showcased their trust in our expertise and allowed us to go the extra mile to create a remarkable final product.

COMPLETED: 6/10/13

BUDGET: $20,000-$30,000 + 30% to R&D & Look Development Budget

Aesculap - QuintexCeSpace - HD

January 17, 2014
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