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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Invest in VR for Healthcare Training

5 Questions to Ask Before You Invest in VR for Healthcare Training

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
November 12, 2020
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Virtual Reality (VR) training has accelerated over recent years, with industries such as the military, healthcare, and aviation actively utilizing the technology. In fact, global healthcare spending on VR and augmented reality (AR) is predicted to reach $10.82 Billion by 2026.

Investing in VR technology for healthcare training can be a complicated decision. So, before you invest in VR for training, ask yourself these questions.

1 . What precisely do you want to accomplish with VR? Why do you want it? What is your goal?

It takes time, investment, and substantial resources to integrate VR for healthcare training into your business. Is there something that VR training can offer that your traditional training methods can’t? Has in-person training become difficult? Are you trying to reduce training travel costs? Do you need to train large groups of people? Are you finding the pandemic and OR regulations making it hard for your sales reps to demonstrate new surgical products? Are you struggling to perfect training in a specific skill or technology? Do you need to improve productivity and accuracy?

If any of these questions sound familiar and are a problem with your current training system, then VR for healthcare training might be the correct option for you.

2. What do you want users to learn?

Have you defined what skills you want doctors to learn and experience? Are they compatible with VR training? Most surgical procedures are conducive to virtual reality simulation-based training. VR training can be instrumental in situations where human error may create a mission critical failure, such as learning surgical procedures or demonstrating new medical devices.  The best approach to developing a VR training program quickly and cost-effectively is to pinpoint the skills you need to address and goals you want to achieve.

Taking the time to map out exact skills and learning objectives will ensure your VR healthcare training system is efficient, effective, and produces excellent results.

3. How are you going to implement and deliver your training?

It is one thing investing in VR for healthcare training, but do you have the correct IT systems, technology, and trainers in place to implement it? Picking the right VR training developer can be crucial in supporting you through the implementation process. Ensure that the developer you choose is specifically focused and experienced with your industry. Ask for demonstrations of their completed projects and look for a developer that has examples that are as close as possible to your training requirements.

4. How are you going to measure its success? How are you going to track it?

VR training technology is an investment; therefore, you will want to track the users and measure the success of your VR healthcare training program to ensure a return on your investment. It is important to define how you will accurately measure the success of VR training. If you can communicate how you will measure progress and success, your stakeholders will be more willing to invest (and reinvest in the future).

5. Who are you going to hire?

Have you thought about who you will work with to introduce VR training technology into your workplace? Ghost Productions is one of the premiere pioneering companies to use 3D computer rendered visualization to simulate and explain surgical procedures. We work exclusively in the medical industry and have helped many medical companies achieve their goals. Our client list includes some of the most influential and innovative medical companies in the world. We can help you achieve your training, education, and medical device marketing goals through 3D medical animation, VR healthcare training technology, and interactive multimedia.

As VR technology experts in the medical industry, we can help you bring your training objectives to life in an innovative, productive, and forward-thinking way. Choose Ghost Productions as your strategic creative partner to achieve successful VR training in your workplace. Contact us today to start your project by filling out our online form here.

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