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Ghost Medical Collaborates with Popular MedInfluencer Dr.Richard J Brown "The Real TikTok Doc"

Ghost Medical Collaborates with Popular MedInfluencer Dr.Richard J Brown

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
June 12, 2023
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Ghost Medical, a leading production studio in the medical animation and surgical VR market, was astonished to connect and collaborate with a very popular medInfluencer among the MedEd ( medical education ) virtual community. Dr. Richard J Brown, popularly known as “The Real TikTok Doc” on social media creates engaging informational videos about unique surgical procedures and medical anomalies. He uses supporting footage of specific topics then includes himself as an influential figure to the video where he adds consultative advice based on his medical experience as a plastic surgeon.

Ghost Medical's Animations went viral on Tiktok and instagram
Ghost Medical's Animations went viral with some videos reaching over 100 Million views.

Ghost Medical Becomes an Online Phenomenon in the MedEd Community 

Although Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery has been around since 1994, only recently have we joined the booming online platforms of TikTok and Instagram. Almost instantly, our medical animations blew up with some of our videos reaching over 100 million views. We soon discovered that there is a larger than expected online community interested in medical educational content and we learned what makes medical focused content go viral. Additionally, we were fortunate to make various connections with well-known medInfluencers. 


MedInfluencers ( Medical influencers ) are individuals who have a significant following on social media platforms and use their influence to share medical information, healthcare advice, and promote health-related products or services. They may include doctors, nurses, medical professionals, or individuals with expertise or experience in the medical field.

MedInfluencers leverage their online presence to educate, raise awareness, and advocate for various health topics. They often share content related to health and wellness, disease prevention, mental health, fitness, nutrition, and personal experiences. Through their platforms, they aim to engage with their followers, provide health information, and inspire positive health behaviors.

Richard J. Brown, MD as @therealtiktokdoc, a major medical professional influencer in the online medical community, Duets Ghost Medical's HLT Heart Valve animation.
Richard J. Brown, MD as @therealtiktokdoc, a major medical professional influencer in the online medical community, Duets Ghost Medical's HLT Heart Valve animation.

How Ghost Medical collaborates with MedInfluencers 

Since joining the niche of medical content creators online, Ghost met and collaborated with various medical professionals; some well known medInfluencers include Dr. Richard Brown, Dr. Myro Figura and Dr. Sina Joorabchi. MedInflunecers would typically share our medical animations by duetting our content and adding additional informational dialogue that they can then share with their followers. 

Overall, this collaboration method was beneficial for everyone involved. The medInfluencers would attract more viewers with the aid of our detailed medical animations, our client's medical device products would be discoursed and shared, we would get viewers directed to us that led to the growth of our channel and all viewers received interesting content where they probably learned something new. 

Dr. Richard J Brown, a medInfluencer leader in the MedEd virtual space, made connections with Ghost Medical this way. We were very excited to discover we had made a connection with this well known plastic surgeon. 

Richard J. Brown, MD as @therealtiktokdoc
Dr. Richard J Brown

About Dr. Richard J Brown 

Dr. Richard J Brown is a highly respected and accomplished plastic surgeon, known for his expertise in various cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. As the founder and lead practitioner at Brown Plastic Surgery, he has gained a reputation for delivering exceptional results while prioritizing patient care and safety.

Beyond his practice, Dr. Richard J Brown actively contributes to the advancement of awareness and education by regularly posting on his social media accounts dedicated to informational medical content; He has managed to build an audience of over 7 Million across all of his channels. He stays updated on the latest medical news, attends conferences, and participates in essential collaborations, like the one with Ghost Medical. By staying at the forefront of innovation, he ensures that his patients have access to the most advanced and effective treatments available and his viewers stay educated on the latest medical news.

Dr. Richard Brown’s channels: TikTok, Instagram & Youtube.   

Conclusively, Dr. Richard J Brown and his dedicated team at Brown Plastic Surgery provide a warm and welcoming environment for patients seeking transformative cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. With his exceptional skill set, compassionate approach, and commitment to excellence, Dr. Brown continues to be a trusted name in the field of plastic surgery and an influential figure in the virtual MedEd community.

Ghost Medical Collaborates with Popular MedInfluencer Dr.Richard J Brown in VR
Ghost Medical Invites Dr.Brown to partake in the enlightening and educational experience of VR Surgery.

Ghost Medical and Dr. Richard J Brown Collaborate in VR Surgery

Suction: A step to implant Spineology's OptiMesh Device
Suction: A step to implant Spineology's OptiMesh Device

After a few duets with this booming MedInfluencer, we invited Dr.Brown to collaborate in a more involved setting. Ghost Medical has created several engaging VR surgery simulations that we thought would be great to share with the influential plastic surgeon. To our delightful surprise, Dr. Brown was enthusiastic to collaborate further. Ghost Medical resulted in sending him a VR headset to borrow where the VR Team could meet him in a virtual operating room from all the way across the country. We shared “Ghost VRSE II”, the VR surgery simulation that guides users through various steps in implanting the Spineology's Optimesh for Spinal Fusion. 

Although VR is gaining traction as a technological entertainment tool, this seemed to be Dr.Brown’s first time using VR. As a result, he was amazed to see how this technology could be used for surgical training and medical education. Once the VR Surgical learning sim was complete, Dr. Brown stated “ VR is so cool, I Can imagine teaching someone how to do a breast aug”. Which could truly be revolutionary in bridging the generational gap in plastic surgery training

Overall, Dr.Brown has an optimistic, fun-going personality and was a pleasure to collaborate with. Ghost Medical is hopeful to collaborate with him and other medInfluencers in the future.

Dr. Richard J Brown Performs Spinal Fusion Surgery in VR | Ghost Medical

June 12, 2023
Ghost Productions Inc.
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