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Varicose Vein Treatment showing a foot with symptoms

Varicose Vein Treatment Ad Case Study

Ghost Medical Animation + VR Surgery
June 4, 2015
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Project: Varicose Vein Treatment Ad (Our 5th) for CIS (Cardiovascular Institute of the South)

MISSION: Provide the Cardiovascular Institute of the South with another beautifully rendered 30 second animated commercial spot highlighting varicose vein treatment.

[vimeo 126422421 w=500 h=281]

SOLUTION: Combine beautiful renderings of pathological legs in 3d before varicose vein treatment, with existing still images of actual patients, also before varicose vein treatment. We carefully isolated the visual content provided in the still images and added 3d post effects to make them cohesive with the 3d rendering. Our creative post-effects specialist, Mike Ackerman, also used sensitive color balancing to make all the visuals cohesive.

Additional focused attention by our creative lighting and shading department lead by Jas Bajric did a wonderful job. With real care for contrast sensitivity and tuned subsurface light scattering make these 3d legs come alive.

It’s hard to believe but this is the 5th animated ad we’ve produced for CIS and each time the results are creatively fulfilling and really effective for our client. Our previous efforts are just as compelling and not only convey the wide range of services offered like varicose vein treatments offered by CIS but really feel like a cohesive series. Great job, team!

COMPLETED: March, 2015

BUDGET: ≈ $15,000


Ghost Productions, a renowned animation studio, collaborated with the Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS) to create a captivating and concise 30-second promotional spot. This spot was specifically designed to highlight the condition of varicose veins as part of an ongoing series of animations aimed at promoting the comprehensive range of services offered by the CIS.

With their expertise in medical animation, Ghost Productions meticulously crafted a visually engaging and informative piece to educate and raise awareness about varicose veins. The animation aimed to captivate the audience's attention within the brief duration of the spot while delivering a clear message about the CIS's expertise in treating this condition.

The animation likely began with an aesthetically pleasing introduction, designed to grab the viewer's attention. Ghost Productions may have employed various visual techniques, such as vibrant colors and fluid movements, to create an engaging and eye-catching opening. These elements would have set the stage for the upcoming informative content.

As the spot progressed, Ghost Productions would have utilized their animation expertise to present a concise yet comprehensive overview of varicose veins. The animation may have showcased the anatomical aspects of varicose veins, illustrating how they form and highlighting the associated symptoms. Through dynamic visuals, Ghost Productions would have conveyed the impact of varicose veins on patients' daily lives, emphasizing the importance of seeking treatment.

To promote the services of the Cardiovascular Institute of the South, Ghost Productions likely integrated the animation with key messaging. This may have included highlighting the institute's state-of-the-art technologies, experienced medical professionals, and specialized treatment options for varicose veins. The spot may have also conveyed the CIS's commitment to patient care and its reputation as a leading institution in cardiovascular health.

Throughout the 30-second spot, Ghost Productions would have skillfully balanced both visual and textual information to ensure that the content remained concise and easily digestible. By utilizing clear and compelling visuals paired with succinct messaging, the animation aimed to engage viewers and encourage them to consider the CIS as their provider of choice for varicose vein treatment.

Overall, Ghost Productions' collaboration with the Cardiovascular Institute of the South resulted in a visually striking and informative 30-second spot. The animation effectively conveyed the key aspects of varicose veins while promoting the CIS's services. By combining their animation expertise with the institute's medical knowledge, Ghost Productions helped create a compelling tool for educating and attracting potential patients to the Cardiovascular Institute of the South.

Varicose Veins Animated Video - Cardiovascular Institute of the South - Ghost Productions

April 29, 2015
Cardiovascular Institute of the South
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